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Zack Hanebrink

84% of Real Estate Professionals Use Social Media [Infographic]

84%! Pretty high number isn’t it. Social media will not make or break your real estate career, but it can certainly enhance it if used correctly. What do I mean by “used correctly?” Well, social media can either become a huge unproductive time suck or it can be another tool in your arsenal.

We can all agree that social media gets all the attention. Social media has a lot of potential for your business, it is also really easy to become distracted. You can also turn off prospective clients too.

People are using social media to see what friends are doing, network and for timely updates, not to hear your sales pitch. With this in mind, tailor your social media strategy around this. Be social, not salesy.

Quick ideas on how to use social media effectively - create a brand account, share recent blog posts and website articles, connect with expiring contracts, share listings, market updates, funny stories, local events and information, restaurant and business reviews, network and make new friends.

Use social media as an extension of your brand. Be sure to have brand accounts on the major networks - Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel, Flickr and Google+.

Remember to be yourself. Be transparent. You definitely don’t want to bombard your network with your promotional broadcasting, but you also want to make sure they know what you do.

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