Armstrong Real Estate Group

Client Success Story

Armstrong Real Estate Group Finds Success with the Right People in the Right Roles

Aaron Armstrong and his team at Armstrong Real Estate Group with Keller Williams Realty consistently close over 200 deals a year. He’s grown his team to included 12 members and credits much of his success to implementing the right roles, strict accountability measures, structured lead follow up and a powerful technology partner.

How long have you been using BoomTown? Since September 2010.

How do you structure your team? We utilize a Lead Coordinator to support the sales team and manage our incoming leads. Lead conversion is a mindset. Consequently, we have dedicated team members who spend their time qualifying and filtering leads. It is this structure that enables us to provide a higher level of service to potential customers. In addition to our Lead Coordinator, we have one Lead Buyer Agent and two additional Buyer Agents / Showing Specialists, as well as a Director of Operations who manages the administrative and transactional side of our business. We also have a team of Virtual Assistants who assist with lead management and contract to close.

Give us a brief description of the lead qualification process for new internet leads. Include who responds to them, how quickly, when the lead gets transferred, how frequently you follow up with them, etc. Our in-office Lead Coordinator, with the assistance of two of our Virtual Assistants, is responsible for initial contact with new leads. Our goal is to call the new lead within a few minutes, preferably while they are still using the site. All incoming leads are automatically uploaded onto our Smart-Drip Email Campaign. The Lead Coordinator manages the leads and categorizes them based on each lead’s motivation.

  • 1) Qualify: someone we are working to exchange emails with and get on the phone to determine their time-frame.
  • 2) Nurture: someone we’ve spoken with or had e-mail dialogues with who we want to come into the office for a Buyer Consultation.
  • 3) Watch: someone that may use our services but is on a longer time-frame or not certain they will be moving to the area.
  • 4) Hot: Someone that has agreed to meet with us.

The Lead Coordinator’s focus is to qualify leads and set consultations for an agent. Once a potential client has agreed to meet with us they are transferred to an agent. It’s the agent’s job to convert them to a client. Our Lead Coordinator and agents follow up with leads on a consistent, ongoing basis depending upon their respective category. While we are trying to quality and make initial contact with a lead, we will call or send an e-mail almost every day over a two week period. A hot lead or someone who has agreed to work with us will typically hear from us every 2-3 days while a nurture may get called every 1-2 weeks if they aren’t in a position to begin looking for a home.

What type of accountability measures do you have in place to ensure your agents are working leads? We track our lead flow and key metrics very closely. I meet with our in-house Lead Coordinator and our Lead Buyer Agent individually every Monday. We discuss how many leads we received, how many appointments we’ve set, how many client agreements were signed and how many homes were put under contract. We have goals in each of these categories and if we aren’t on track, we discuss what we need to do differently or what changes need to be made. We require a follow-up to be set for every lead, unless the lead is in the archive or trash category. Follow ups aren’t marked complete until the next follow up is set. BoomTown makes it easy to monitor how quickly we are responding to new leads, which leads don’t have follow-ups set, and whether or not we are consistently communicating with leads to provide the highest level of service possible.

What’s the biggest long-term lasting effect you’ve seen from launching BoomTown? A sustained volume of solid leads and improved lead management. We want the members of our team to be specialists in their part of the transaction. By limiting each team member’s focus, they are able to perform at a higher level. This is only possible with a high volume of leads and a system that allows for effective lead management.

What BoomTown feature would you say has had the biggest effect on your business? Why? We love Smart-Drip Email and the Opportunity Wall. These features allow us to stay in consistent contact with our leads and monitor their activity so we know the best way to serve them. We also appreciate the ability to have our other leads (Zillow, Trulia, Home Value, KW, etc.) auto-import into BoomTown so we can manage all our leads from one location.

What kind of growth have you seen in the last 3 years for each of the following:

  • Lead Volume: We started with 10-15 leads per month before boomtown to consistently 125+ leads per month just from BoomTown.
  • Sales Volume: We were stuck at about $18,000,000 in annual sales volume. Since adding BoomTown and growing our team, we consistently close over $50,000,000 in annual sales.
  • Staff Hires: We’ve grown from a team of 2 in 2010 to a team of 12 full time team members.
  • Closed Transactions: Before BoomTown we had never closed more than 90 transactions in a year. Now we consistently close 200+