Collins Group Realty

Client Success Story

Collins Group Realty Thrives on the BoomTown Platform

How long have you been using BoomTown? We launched our first BoomTown site back in 2008. At the time we were doing around 86 transactions per year. Located in a vacation and second home market, we thought we were doing well and still above our competition. After almost 5 years with BoomTown, Collins Group Realty is now closing 302 transactions per year.

It seems like you have a unique team structure, tell us how it’s structured and how BoomTown fits in with your team. We use a Client Care Manager (CCM) model in order to have someone in the office responding to ALL leads within 5 minutes. BoomTown played right into our Team structure. And better than that, it has helped US fine tune our approach to the buyer-side of the business, improving our communications, our daily activities, and even our structure by the addition of an in-house Client Care Manager who serves as our front-line responder and manager for all customers that find us online.

This team model has helped a great deal towards closing the majority of our BoomTown leads. In 2013, we closed a total of 302 deals, with 148 transactions coming directly from BoomTown. The CCM calls every lead within 5 minutes after registering on the website to offer assistance on any questions they might have about the area or using the website.

What type of results have you seen since launching BoomTown in 2008? In the six years that we have been using the platform, we have gone from 57 to 302 transactions/year. We are far and away the No.1 buyer-side team in our marketplace, and the vast majority of our new leads come specifically and directly from our BoomTown site.

Has BoomTown helped increase your agents individual productivity? Absolutely. We have a well-defined Accountability Plan in place for our team so all agents are aware of the expectations and are held to the same standards. Every Thursday our CCM sends out a chart of the agent accountability dashboard numbers to each agent, including a summary of their leads and efforts they need to work on. Everyone is to be at 100%. If an agent is below 100%, this serves as a warning. If they continue to perform below 100%, the CCM will pull the agent from the lead rotation.


What kind of feedback have you received from your homebuyers that have used the BoomTown website in their home search? We continue to hear rave reviews from clients and how our website is what keeps bringing them back.

Agent Carl Girth said, “I have been told repeatedly by new clients how easy it is to navigate through our website and use the many links as compared to other available websites. I think that this is one of the main reasons why we consistently capture so many leads.”

Buyer Specialist Ann Eden told us, “Clients tell me repeatedly that we have a fantastic website and they love using it.”

What’s the biggest long-term lasting effect you’ve seen from launching BoomTown? BoomTown has landed us squarely at the forefront of an industry that is increasingly on-line driven. Our combined efforts in marketing the site have yielded us positioning on Google that is, at this point, only achievable by about 5-6 other competitors (among 200 firms in our market). This strategic posture has allowed us to increase our market-share year-over-year by double-digits (over 60% from 2011 to 2012), and the continual re-investment by BoomTown in its innovation and improvements is like an insurance policy that this trend will continue for years to come.

What BoomTown feature would you say has had the biggest effect on your business? Honestly, it’s hard to choose just one feature. E-alerts have definitely been a game changer. We constantly get feedback that clients choose us because of our constant communication. The drip campaign has made qualifying leads significantly more efficient. Each lead gets a 14 day drip and at the end of that period, the agents know they need to move them to another category. Best Fit Leads and Opportunity Wall allow us to dig deeper and provide more in-depth communication with our leads. We can proactively call and discuss properties that we know could be a potential fit.