Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group

Client Success Story

Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group Triples in Production since Partnering with BoomTown

How long have you been using BoomTown? Since November 2011

How is your team structured? (round robin, ISA, duty agent, etc.) At Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, we have 25 full-time agents that take 24-hour shifts, 365 days per year receiving leads. We also have an ISA (Inside Sales Agent) that sits with whomever is taking leads that day and helps the agent make calls to leads. Agents are expected to be in the office M-F 10am-8pm, and Saturdays 11am-4pm. Amongst the agents and ISA, we also have a Sales Manager, Operations Manage, Listing Coordinator, Buyer Coordinator, Client Care Specialist, and Marketing Assistant.

Give a brief description of the lead qualification process for new internet leads. Include who responds to them, how quickly, when the lead gets transferred, how frequently you follow up with them, etc. When a new lead comes in, the agent on during that shift is responsible to call that lead within 5 minutes of registration. Over the course of the next 14 days the agent will attempt to call that lead (if no response) up to 10 times. These call attempts are accompanied by 7 emails from Smart-Drip. Once a lead is contacted, they’ll be placed in the appropriate Hot, Nurture, or Watch, categories within the system. If the agent is unable to contact the lead in the first 14 days, the lead is sent to the Archive category where they’ll be on a three year-long Smart-Drip campaign and receive e-Alerts for properties they might be interested in.

What type of accountability measures do you have in place to ensure your agents are working leads? Every Monday morning, we hold a team accountability meeting where the agents are expected to report their previous 7 days worth of prospecting numbers. The minimum expectation is 100 calls per week per agent. On top of the minimum, agents set their own weekly call goals that range from 125-500 outgoing calls. After the team meeting, each agent has a one-on-one with our Sales/Accountability Manager to discuss leads, their business goals, and their life goals. The Sales Manager and/or Operations Manager are in the office every day ensuring that the agent taking leads that day is at their office and working Internet leads as expected of them. If they are not meeting their expectations, the leads are transferred to other agents.

What BoomTown feature would you say has had the biggest effect on your business? Why? BoomTown has so many great features! The one that has had the biggest impact on our business would be the e-Alerts tool. If we’re being truly honest with ourselves as agents, people don’t care about real estate agents when it comes time to find a home…they care about HOMES! The e-Alerts enable our agents to be proactive by ensuring each of their clients knows what’s on the market that day and when home prices are reduced. In addition, the fact the e-Alerts can be setup automatically is huge. In today’s market where listings are selling faster and faster, this has been a tremendous feature for our clients and us as agents. We’re sure that having e-Alerts has led to more sales.

Also, the Opportunity Wall helps tremendously in identifying key actions that our leads are taking on our site. This gives our agents the ability to know when to effectively reach out to leads, and have a helpful and proactive conversation with them.

What’s the biggest long-term lasting effect you’ve seen from launching BoomTown? Since launching BoomTown, we’ve been able to see consistent sales from Internet leads, which has led to hiring more agents and quickly become the #1 team at our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices brokerage of over 500 agents. Since 2012, we’ve been the top-selling team in the state of Nebraska by continually surpassing the all-time sales record year over year. We were able to enjoy selling nearly 600 homes last year, and BoomTown was a key tool in accomplishing that. We know that we’ll be around for a long time and our agents will be continually doing more and more business with BoomTown; whether from new leads, or referrals from past leads.

What kind of growth have you seen in the last 3 years for each of the following:

  • Lead volume: 1,000%
  • Sales volume: 300%
  • Staff hires: 300%
  • Closed transactions: 400%

“We’re just so grateful that we discovered BoomTown, and for all of the help that everyone else has provided to get our platforms up and running! It’s truly been a life-changing event. Not only have we tripled the size of our team in Omaha, but now have 4 other Elite Real Estate Systems teams across the nation with BoomTown at the center of all of them. I attribute a large portion of our business to BoomTown. We’ve even taken our whole team to multiple year-end trips from Vegas to Cancun because of their unbelievable success! THANK YOU BoomTown!” – Jeff Cohn, Broker/Owner, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group