BoomTown’s comprehensive system helped E4Realty Manage Business and Increase Revenue by over 150%

“BoomTown matched my business goals. They are a fast moving, innovative company that is continually improving their offering and bettering the consumer experience. I don’t have to worry about staying on the cutting edge – they keep me there, and their service and responsiveness is through the roof.” – Eric Pearson

2013 Closed deals: $30,000,000

2014 Closed deals: Closed and Pending through October Est. $75,000.000+.

2015 goal: $250 million

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Conway Real Estate Uses BoomTown’s Intelligent tracking to drive Agent Accountability and Grow Transactions

“Our team is successful because we understand what it takes to be top producers with BoomTown, and we take massive action to ensure the level of success we desire.” – Mike Conway

Over 60 transactions from BoomTown leads and produce over $400,000 in GCI from August 2013 – July 2014. (All in their first year with the system)

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Collins Group Realty Thrives on the BoomTown Platform

“BoomTown has been an absolute game-changer for us at Collins Group Realty. In the four years that we have been using the platform, we have gone from 57 to 302 transactions/year. We are far and away the No.1 buyer-side team in our marketplace, and the vast majority of our new leads come specifically and directly from our Boomtown site.”

Average leads per month: 320+ leads per month

Number of new hires since BT: 9 (2 staff and 7 agents!)

2012 Closed deals: 270

2013 Closed deals: 302

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Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group Triples in Production since Partnering with BoomTown

“We’re just so grateful that we discovered BoomTown, and for all of the help that you and everyone else have provided to help us get our platforms up and running! It’s truly been a life-changing event.” – Jeff Cohn

Average leads per month: approximately 600/month from BoomTown

Number of new hires since BT: 12 full-time buyers agents, 1 inside sales agent, 3 support staff.

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Armstrong Real Estate Group with Keller Williams Realty Finds Success With The Right People in the Right Roles

“Since starting BoomTown, we have hired two full time Showing Assistants, one Lead Coordinator, and two Virtual Assistants. Our team structure enables us to convert more of our leads and BoomTown makes it easy to manage accountability and transfer leads as they move from our Lead Coordinator to the Showing Assistant, etc.” Brianna Morant

Average leads per month: 150

Number of new hires since BT: 10

Year 1 Closed Deals: 86

Year 2 Closed Deals: 125

Year 3 Closed Deals: 226

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