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Creating a Positive and Productive Culture for Real Estate Success

Culture of Success

Has your team hit a plateau? Your customers’ experience might be lackluster and inconsistent. Agents struggle to stay motivated and keep up with their leads. Even finding the best hires and keeping them engaged feels uphill. The right business strategies are in place, but you could be suffering from a culture problem.

In the words of Apple’s leaders, “Culture beats strategy all day long.” Of course strategy is important, but a strong culture bonds your team around a mission, boosts production, and drives success. Indie Broker Kyle Whissel said the biggest improvement to his business last year was making a mental mind shift in what they are as a company. Alignment is where the magic happens. That magic took Whissel Realty from 82 to 242 closings in a year. So what does it to take to cultivate a culture that motivates agents to go the extra mile?

Kirk Weisler, Chief Morale Officer for companies around the globe, helps organizations focus on and re-tool their culture to drive success. He believes your work life should be seen as your life’s work (outside of your home and family). When your life’s work is meaningful, fulfilling, and rewarding, an organization succeeds.

For almost twenty years he has coached, researched, and experienced firsthand what a strong culture can do for a company.  His suggestions are applicable, and he shared some insight with us on what makes a successful culture, and how to use it to build trust, inspire action, and drive real estate success.


A little culture Q&A


How can a strong culture drive agent performance?

A culture represents the accepted norms and behaviors of an organization or a group of people. If apathy, laziness, and negativity are accepted at any level then that will be shown in the results. On the other hand, if the highest standards for performance performance is the norm, then that’s who we are. Low performers will self select to exit that type of culture. And high performers and the best potential customers are drawn to and looking for that type of culture. We want to do business with excellence. Just like we want to work in an atmosphere of excellence.

You talk a lot about “Intentional Culture” what does that mean?

Some leaders and organizations just hope for the best. They just want people to get along. They want high levels of engagement and bottom line results. But hope is not a plan. When we talk about intentional culture, we have a plan to build relationships, build trust, and to build our work culture.

Can Culture affect your customer service?

Absolutely. The customers are simply experiencing an extension of the culture that the employees are experiencing. Some companies or teams may be able to fake a good customer experience for a short time but if the foundation of organizational culture isn’t there then the customer experience won’t be there either. I would argue that an organization that is very intentional about their workplace culture automatically realizes an enhanced customer experience.

We’d like to believe otherwise but the truth is that we can get a sense for an organization’s culture within the first few moments of walking in the door. It’s much easier for a customer to connect with a team that is connected to their culture. We all want to be a part of a winning team and a winning brand.

What are some good resources to brush up on culture know-how?

I always say you have to ‘read to lead so you can teach to reach,’ and 3 culture classics that immediately come to mind are: Tribal Leadership by David Logan, The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni, and It’s Your Ship by Michael Abrashoff. Start reading to lead so you can teach to reach.

Creating a culture change in an organization is a long and ongoing process, but one that, when correctly implemented and consistently monitored, can have astounding results for both companies and individuals.

Kirk will be the keynote speaker at our BoomTown Unite client conference in October. If you’re a BoomTown client, register now to save your spot and hear more from Kirk and other incredible speakers.

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