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How to Double Your Boutique Real Estate Business Year Over Year [Podcast]

Boutique Real Estate Business

Building a small, but agile, real estate agent team which produces upwards of 90 million a year is no easy feat. Finding the right tools and coaching to achieve this level of production is not a simple task either.

When Mary Maloney, owner of Hometown Realty, realized only 9% of her boutique real estate business was from online acquisition she knew she needed to make a change.

And after a three hour meeting with her favorite real estate coach and choosing a technology which consistently makes her plans a reality, her online and offline business are booming.

Find out how she and her team create exceptional experiences for themselves and their clients in today’s episode of the Closers Podcast. A few highlights are below:

  • The coach and technology which continue to help Hometeam Realty stay on track to double production year over year. (3:50)
  • How to structure your independent brokerage to foster follow-up and accountability. (7:25)
  • Should you hire a graphic designer for your real estate business? (8:55)
  • ISA Model: Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. (10:45)
  • Creating a culture of follow-up. (13:30)
  • Don’t let your agents get bogged down through establishing a specialized staff.  (17:05)
  • How to know when your agents are at capacity. (20:18)

If you are not familiar with the BoomTown Closers, it is a group of BoomTown clients who are proven leaders in the industry as well as in our BoomTown communities. Check back soon for more updates on how you can get involved with the program!

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