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From Inbound Sales to Partner: An Interview with Adam Bailey of Select Homes [Podcast]

Closers Podcast | Adam Bailey Interview

The intensity in Adam Bailey’s voice while he speaks of encouraging personal growth is contagious. As the Sales and Operations Manager at Select Homes Team Real Estate out of Wichita, Kansas, he prefers to look at himself as “a leader without a title.” However,  Bailey is a leader not only by definition, but also by practice and pursuit. And although his story is filled with ups and downs at the start, he maintains his message and sticks true to the Select Homes team moving forward.

Bailey took six months to commit to joining the Select Homes team, but in the Fall of 2010 he dove right on in and never looked back. After Mike Grbic, owner of Select Homes Team Real Estate, sold him on the team model, his focus quickly turned to building his own leadership ability and a team around him. From an inbound sales rep to sales and operations partner, Bailey is not stopping any time soon and we can’t wait to see what he’s doing next.


In this month’s Closers Podcast, Adam Bailey joins us to talk about starting from the bottom, working as a true team, finding the right people, and the indisputable importance of leading by example. This is the second installment of a series on Select Homes Team Real Estate. A few highlights are below:


  • When and what to do when it seems your business has reached a plateau (6:45)
  • Emphasizing personal growth and how it directly connects to leadership (9:15)
  • Creating a “hybrid tag team” and hold your agents accountable (10:45)
  • How to find the right people for your team and encourage personal growth (13:40)
  • Importance of leading by example and taking advantage of the right training (14:30)
  • Adam’s take on keeping his eye on the prize and attaining freedom through success (22:00)


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