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Bricks and Clicks Marketing Strategy to Heighten Your Real Estate Reach [Podcast]

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Marketing is: built upon campaigns, strategy and data.

Marketing is not: fleeting engagement, single mailers and lack of tracking.

As evidenced by the lonely mailers sitting in recycling bins across the country, this distinction isn’t always clear in the real estate industry.

If you are ready to rise above the one-and-done projects and commit to workable real estate marketing strategy, then lean in.

Mary Maloney, founder of Hometown Realty, is here to breakdown all things real estate marketing. Her past experience in marketing campaigns built upon brand consistency directly influenced her “Bricks and Clicks” real estate marketing strategy.

In this episode of the Closers Podcast, Mary explains how to sell, price and package your “product” like any other marketing campaign. Find out why we would love to make #marketingaccordingtomary a real estate trend:

Find out how Mary Maloney and her team create business building marketing experiences in today’s episode of the Closers Podcast. A few highlights are below:

  • The importance of having a graphic designer on your team. (6:20)
  • How do you create value for your clients when data is so widely available to them already? (12:50)
  • Balancing the “Bricks” and the “Clicks” sides of your business. (13:40)
  • You’ve sent the mailers and are consistently using print marketing. Now, how do you get these potential clients to your website? (14:50)
  • Which qualifiers should you review before spending dollars on a new geographic farm?  (18:20)
  • The logistics of breaking into a new area or price point. (19:40)
  • How to begin thinking and planning in terms of campaigns. (22:00)
  • The reliable real estate marketing strategy Mary is using right now to achieve a 50/50 ratio of buyers and sellers. (25:55)

If you are not familiar with the BoomTown Closers, it is a group of BoomTown clients who are proven leaders in the industry as well as in our BoomTown communities.

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