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The Right Way to Strategically Grow Your Real Estate Business [Podcast]

How to Strategically Grow Your Real Estate Business

In this month’s Closers Podcast, Mike Grbic and Adam Bailey join us to cover how they navigate growth, expansion, and training tried and true business leaders. They expand on the notion that providing a compelling vision for people to get behind is in fact one of the best goals you can work towards for your business. This is the third and final installment in a series on Select Homes Team Real Estate.

A few highlights are below:

  • Mike and Adam’s trial and error with the ISA model (5:50)
  • Timeframe for training a new ISA (6:50)
  • The single most important factor for sustainable ISA training (11:40)
  • Building blocks of growing and expanding into other cities and states (15:15)
  • Creating intuitive leadership training which directly leads to business success (19:50)
  • Ins and outs of developing raw talent [watch tip video here!] and guiding your employees to rockstar real estate status (20:55)
  • Recipe for business expansion [hint: it has to do with providing your employees with the right ingredients] (22:20)

If you are not familiar with the BoomTown Closers, it is a group of BoomTown clients who are proven leaders in the industry as well as in our BoomTown communities. For more information about the BoomTown Closer’s Program please visit the page: here.

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