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 - BoomTown rolls out ‘smart’ automated drip marketing tool -
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Inman News
 – BoomTown rolls out ‘smart’ automated drip marketing tool

December 7, 2011

Tool offers more personalization, measures campaign performance

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Real estate marketing software company BoomTown has rolled out an automated drip marketing tool it says makes emails “more personalized, accurate and easily improved based on campaign performance.”

BoomTown’s Smart-Drip has been incorporated into the BoomTown marketing platform’s CRM system at no additional cost to BoomTown clients. The platform also includes a customized real estate website with local multiple listing service data, personalized online advertising campaigns, and a client management dashboard.

”Current limitations in traditional drip marketing include inaccurate messaging and limited personalization, resulting in impersonal communication,” the company said in an announcement. “BoomTown’s Smart-Drip enhances traditional drip marketing through innovative features, to increase open rates and reduce the likelihood of a ‘canned’ email.'” For better personalization, Smart-Drip recognizes the time and day a real estate professional sends an email, in addition to the the recipient’s name. For example, a prospective client might get a message that begins “Good morning Jim, hope you’re having a great Wednesday morning!”

The tool also tracks when a user normally frequents a BoomTown site to search for homes and sends that user an email minutes before he or she would visit the site.

Agents can also log communications with prospects, so that when they speak with a lead they can temporarily stop sending him or her drip emails.

Plan Scores measure a drip campaign’s performance and suggest ways to improve a campaign’s effectiveness.

Through a sharing library, BoomTown users can also collaborate to build more successful campaigns. Users upload their drip campaign and email templates and can copy elements of templates with a higher Plan Score to enhance their campaign’s performance.

BoomTown was recently ranked as No. 174 in a list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. compiled by Inc. magazine.

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