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Opportunity Wall Overview and Screen Shots

What is the Opportunity Wall?

The Opportunity Wall is BoomTown’s latest addition to their state-of-the-art Leads Management System. With showings, closings, and hundreds of leads at every point of the buying process, it can be difficult to determine where to focus  time and energy, but the Opportunity Wall takes out the guesswork. With one click the Opportunity Wall generates a real-time, prioritized list of high-quality leads based on a lead’s website search behavior. BoomTown tracks key actions that a lead takes and pairs those with the quality of the lead via a patent pending algorithm to determine which leads should display as opportunities. The new BoomTown Opportunity Wall helps determine top opportunities, provides relevant information for each opportunity, and allows agents and brokers to prioritize their workflow and work smarter, not harder! View the full release here

Opportunity Wall 1


What Leads Show on the Opportunity Wall?

To gauge the quality of the lead, BoomTown refers to the legitimacy of their contact information, their activity on a real estate site and the lead’s level of communication. On the Opportunity Wall, several different scenarios will be labeled as opportunities such as:

High Interest – This opportunity displays when a lead shows recent interest in one or more listings.

High Interest in Agency Listing – This opportunity will display when a lead shows recent interest in an Agency listings.

Renewed Interest – This opportunity displays when a lead that was inactive on the site returns to the site.

New Lead/ Just Registered -This opportunity displays when a new lead is registered and assigned to an agent.


What is Provided on the Opportunity Details Page?

The Opportunity Details Page provides key information like a lead's registration information, recently viewed properties and any recent communications such as a logged call or email from a broker or agent. The Details Page also provides customized information for each opportunity type.

Mobile Version of the Opportunity Wall

The moblie version of the Opportunity Wall delivers the opportunity list to a mobile device in a sleek, one-touch application. Now brokers and agents can conduct business whenever they have a free moment, wherever they are. Agents can scroll through their top 10 opportunities, pull to refresh, navigate to the next opportunity, or tap to get more details with a mere touch, making use of all the device’s onboard sensors and storage. View the full release here.



“The Opportunity Wall has been an invaluable tool that has helped us re-engage with leads who we had previously written off as Trash and Archive leads months ago”
Robertson Allen, Broker in Charge, Cassina Group Realty

“This is a great time saver. The Opportunity Wall helps us to focus on leads whose activity reflects a high level of interest instead of randomly searching for a needle in a haystack.” 
Teresa Jones, General Manager, Hamilton & Co.

“Just made 4 phone calls to people I had not been able to contact because the opportunity wall said to do so and I caught them all on the site, and qualified each prospect. This is going to make our Buyer's agents so much more efficient. Thank you Boom Town!!”
Brian Tercero, Team Co-Owner, Keller Williams Realty

“I don’t feel like the day is complete until I’ve cleared my Opportunity Wall!”
Chip Collins, Broker in Charge, Collins Group Realty

“Props to BoomTown on the Opportunity Wall. I made calls today, following the wall, and in two hours I set six appointments with several high-end buyers. I am going to commit an Inside Sales Agent to just following the wall updates.” – Craig Peleg, Broker/Owner, Peleg Properties LLC

"I was cruising my new Opportunity Wall a couple of weeks ago, and came across a lead I had not talked to –turns out ever. When I clicked on him, I saw he had sent me an email Dec 15th that had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. I contacted him, he came into town the next week, and  wrote an offer on a $700K home that just closed. I would absolutely not have connected with this gentleman without the Opportunity Wall!  Go Boomtown!!   – Jane Terrell, Broke, The Terrell Team

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