Real Estate Software Company, BoomTown, Revolutionizes Drip Marketing with the Release of Smart-Drip -
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Real Estate Software Company, BoomTown, Revolutionizes Drip Marketing with the Release of Smart-Drip

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA – November 2, 2011 — BoomTown, LLC, a leading real estate marketing platform, adds a revolutionary tool to their clients’ marketing arsenal, Smart-Drip.

BoomTown’s marketing platform is a robust online marketing system that utilizes the latest technology and strategies to generate more qualified leads for real estate professionals. The platform includes a customized real estate website integrated with local MLS data, personalized online advertising campaigns, a dedicated Client Success Manager, and a cutting edge leads management system with marketing automation.

“In the midst of a struggling real estate market, BoomTown’s marketing platform is enabling agents to succeed,” said Rivers Pearce, Director of Client Success at BoomTown. “In fact, 25 of the Top 250 Real Estate Professionals in the country use BoomTown.”

BoomTown’s Smart-Drip creates smarter, more effective drip email campaigns by delivering timely and personalized messages, increasing email open rates and streamlining campaigns. Each email campaign is given a Plan Score that measures the campaign’s effectiveness. A Sharing Library creates an opportunity for real estate Agents to share drip email campaigns with each other, encouraging collaboration among industry experts.

Drip is a popular feature in many online marketing platforms, as it provides the ability to create, schedule and track email marketing campaigns initiated from an event trigger, such as filling out an online form. Current limitations in traditional drip marketing include inaccurate messaging and limited personalization, resulting in impersonal communication.

BoomTown’s Smart-Drip enhances traditional drip marketing through innovative features, to increase open rates and reduce the likelihood of a “canned” email. Smart-Drip detects the time a visitor normally frequents the website to search for homes and schedules drip emails that deploy minutes before a visitor historically visits the site. The email includes the recipient’s name, time of day and day of week.

Smart-Drip also pauses campaigns automatically based on specific events. For example, once an agent has spoken with a new customer and logged the activity in the BoomTown system, the drip email campaign is automatically paused.

The truly revolutionary parts of BoomTown’s Smart-Drip are the Sharing Library and Plan Score. The Sharing Library includes a collection of drip campaigns to select from, and offers BoomTown clients the ability to upload campaigns of their own. Smart-Drip’s Plan Score feature uses a proprietary algorithm that measures a drip campaign’s performance and scores it. The Plan Score enables users to identify opportunities to edit their campaigns to increase their score, which in turn increases drip campaign performance and overall effectiveness.

“Before Smart-Drip, real estate professionals had no way of measuring or comparing how effective their email campaigns were at engaging leads.” said BoomTown CEO, Grier Allen. “Plan Score and the Sharing Library will give us, and our clients, the collective knowledge to create the most effective email campaigns based on real metrics.”

BoomTown’s clients are embracing the power of this new tool. Aaron Armstrong, a BoomTown client, proclaims, “This new auto drip feature is unreal! Very well thought out.” and Gary Blankfort says “Smart-Drip is simply amazing!”.

BoomTown has compiled years of research to develop Smart-Drip. This new form of drip marketing automation will change the industry’s entire approach to drip, making emails more personalized, accurate and easily improved based on campaign performance.

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