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Smart-Drip Overview, Screen Shots, & Video

Drip Marketing Automation is one of the most popular features in many online marketing platforms. Companies recognize the benefit of using marketing automation because it helps companies work smarter and more efficiently. BoomTown is about to revolutionize Drip Marketing Automation as we know it. How? By making it smarter!

Traditional Drip Marketing

Traditional drip is great. Its a powerful tool when used correctly. It saves time and increases efficiency. BoomTown saw the value in drip marketing, but noticed some limitations.

Drip as we know it now provides the ability to create, schedule and track email marketing campaigns initiated from an event trigger, like filling out a form for example. Some online marketing platforms have even expanded on traditional drip by incorporating logic into the event triggers. For example, how a user answers form questions affects which drip campaign they will enter into.

There are however, some limitations to traditional drip marketing. For example, have you ever had that awkward moment when you actually talk to a prospect that you have been nurturing with your drip campaign, and they continue to receive your drip emails as if you have never spoken? That can quickly take out any momentum built-up and devalue your drip efforts.

The content in your drip emails are often vague with limited personalization. Its easy to tell that it is an automated email and not one that was personally written.

Why is BoomTown’s Smart-Drip different?

BoomTown’s Smart-Drip enhances what works with traditional drip and fixes what doesn’t. The revolutionary features in BoomTown’s Smart-Drip will undoubtedly make your drip campaigns smarter and much more effective. How? By making your emails more personable, optimizing email open rates, eliminating awkward moments, grading effectiveness and providing a community-driven cheat sheet that leads to more polished drip campaigns.


What if you had the capability to make your email templates appear as if they were specifically written for each individual, and not appear like a canned template everyone gets? BoomTown has added additional functionality to do just that.

Now, instead of only piping-in “Dear {name},” BoomTown’s Smart-Drip system recognizes the time of day and week when your emails are sent. This adds the “personal touch” your messages need to stand out from the crowd. “Good morning Jim, hope you’re having a great Wednesday morning!” Cool right?

Email optimization

Now get ready for mind = blown. As savvy marketers, we’re always testing and researching the best times to send out marketing emails. This takes time and is built on lots of data. Wouldn’t it be nice if your drip platform automatically told you when the best time was to send an email? Smart-Drip does just that!

For example, BoomTown is a Real Estate Web Marketing Platform that provides real estate websites, CMS, lead management and marketing tools. Visitors to BoomTown’s real estate websites are doing one thing, searching for homes. The BoomTown Smart-Drip detects what time a visitor normally frequents the site to search for homes. Smart-Drip schedules drip emails to deploy minutes before a visitor historically visits the site to search for homes. Talk about timing!

Event triggers

Remember the awkward moment mentioned earlier? BoomTown Smart-Drip ensures this will never happen again. BoomTown users can record every prospect communication. This means, if an agent has the opportunity to speak with a lead they have been nurturing, they can record that in the system which will temporarily disable drip. Awkward moment averted!

Plan Score

Time for the revolutionary part. BoomTown’s Smart-Drip uses a proprietary algorithm that measures your drip campaign performance, and scores it. BoomTown’s “Plan Score” enables users to identify opportunities to edit their campaigns to increase their score, which in turn increases drip campaign performance and overall effectiveness.

Sharing Library

BoomTown places a lot of value on community and knowledge sharing. It’s amazing what you can learn from your colleagues. BoomTown has created a one-of-a-kind Sharing Library to encourage this.

What does this mean exactly? BoomTown users can upload their drip campaign and email templates to the BoomTown Sharing Library. Other owners can browse the library and view templates with a higher Plan Score than their own and copy elements of the template to use for their campaigns. In time, BoomTown clients can work together to build the perfect drip campaigns.

BoomTown has compiled years of research to develop Smart-Drip. This new form of drip marketing automation will no doubt change the industry’s entire approach to drip, making emails more personable, well received and easily improved based on campaign performance.


The following infographic outlines the various BoomTown lead categories and suggested usage of drip email campaigns.

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Screen Shots

Creating Smart-Drip Plans

Create drip email campaigns in BoomTown’s Smart-Drip Plan editor. For a truly customized drip plan, select individual email templates or entire email campaigns from the Sharing Library and use questions such as “Do they have an e-Alert?” to setup the proper email version for each lead on the drip campaign.

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Manage Smart-Drip Campaigns

Manage all Smart-Drip email campaigns from a user-friendly dashboard. Select auto-start and auto-move options for each category, edit plans, and reference Plan Scores from one convenient location.

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Adding a Plan From Lead Central

Conveniently select Smart-Drip campaigns for your leads from the Lead Central dashboard and reference the status of any drip plan the lead has previously been assigned.

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Smart-Drip Sharing Library

Import drip campaigns or share your own drip email plans in the BoomTown Sharing Library. Quickly compare the effectiveness of campaigns by referencing the Plan Scores.

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Smart-Drip Launch Video


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