15 Signs You’re Running a One Person Real Estate Show
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15 Signs You’re Running a One Person Real Estate Show

1. You have an imaginary assistant or an actual assistant who feels imaginary.

Don’t kid yourself, hiring an assistant won’t work until you learn to delegate. And delegate you shall! Working with the perfect assistant is a step in the right direction of growing your team. Even better? You can train your assistant to be a future buyer’s agent or specialist, as they already know the ins and outs of how you like your business to run.


2. Your work space is hidden under a mound of post-it’s, napkins inked with numbers and a half cup of coffee you keep warming up.

We can’t all have the Houzz worthy home offices. But we can have Google. Clear up your clutter and streamline with Google’s calendars, docs, spreadsheets and Drive to hold it all together. Google is ready to go wherever you do, so you never have to skip a beat.


3. Your last mailer left you feeling accomplished and goal oriented. Until you spotted it in a recycling bin.

Have you ever heard you have to hand out 100 flyers in order to receive one response? Remember this average when sending out your mailers. But before you even order the cards, make sure to properly analyze if you are expanding into the best marketplace for your business.  


4. Your 3rd buyer this week asks to go see houses in two other zip codes after pulling up to the first showing.

Since going back to your car to loudly yell at nothing is a faux pas. Consider again how you can mobilize your efforts. Beyond Google Apps, what can you do to make your business travel everywhere you do? Even more so, what system will be able to answer these specific questions in a few clicks? We have a few answers here.


5. You’ve actually Googled “How to Find More Hours in the Day.”

After every email is answered and you have noted down a haphazard to-do list for tomorrow, there is still plenty left to do. What is this follow-up thing you dream about? And will you ever be able to create a plan for everyone who doesn’t want to buy right now? Consider which options will help set a simple system and process in place. It’s more than worth your precious time and your pipeline will thank you later!

[ Watch BoomTown’s Quick Follow-Up Tutorial Here ]  

 6. You may have staged your last home with some of your own furniture.

A vase of flowers here, a lamp there, and then your favorite chair? We can’t fault you for resourcefulness. But you can be sure your significant other would appreciate a time when their Valentine’s bouquet decides to stay for longer than one day.  


7. Lead generation … that is all.

Yes, you have made an excellent business built upon referrals. But just as writer’s stumble upon writer’s block, real estate agents will encounter a brick wall barring them from the new leads they need. Get smart about your lead generation and what works for you. Then get even smarter about your prospecting. And find out exactly how many leads you need to keep your business running smoothly.

How Many Leads do You Really Need? [Video: 1 min. 25 seconds]

 8. Your New Year Resolutions are long gone by January 15th.

It’s all well and good the morning of December 31st as you contemplate how you are going to grow a badass business in the year to come. And then that year comes and whoooosshhh, it goes by fast. Bottom line: you’re missing the mechanism to catapult you from setting goals to reaching them.

  • Step 1: Find your system.
  • Step 2: Hold yourself accountable to this system.
  • Step 3: Be a badass business owner.


9. Your friends have already moved once (or bought twice) for you. (Thanks guys!)

Simple solution, expand your market sphere. Don’t be the friend to bring up home values at the dinner table again. Instead take time to consider which lead generation options will help you expand into new markets or become the expert of your own. Lane Hornung, CEO of 8z Realty, has expanded his business into 17 offices. His straightforward growth tactics work for businesses of any size. Read his story here.


10. You swore you filled up those front yard flyer boxes yesterday.

The little stuff is hard to keep up with when clients are calling and emailing non-stop. These are the moments when an assistant or adding a team member are probably most tempting. Growing your business from one to one more is not as hard as you may imagine. Take the next step!


11. You have 5 contracts in Escrow and you email the wrong amendment to the wrong lender’s assistant, but to the right lender.

We’ve all done it. Whether it is sending a text to the wrong person, calling back the same person you just got off the phone with, or muddling up a complicated contract. Under promise and over deliver doesn’t always pan out how it is supposed to.


12. You are listening to the second buyer this month who wants you to sell their house in a week, and also go to every showing with potential buyers and buyers’ agents.

Smile, nod, move on. But know, these are not the things of life. Take back your Saturdays and your sanity through growing your team.


13. You keep wondering, what is this weekend thing everyone keeps talking about?

Somewhere out there exist real estate agents who enjoy weekends with their families and significant others. They are either A. making it all up or B. have found the secret to a work-life balance. Technology makes Option B possible. It is up to you to choose the best system for your business and pair it with the right people.

[ Quick Read: Choosing the Technology That Helps Not Hurts ]

 14. Your dog is the closest thing you have to an accountability partner.

Accountability partners are the best thing since sliced bread. Don’t believe us? Try to think of the last time when sliced bread helped you triple this year’s goal. Make your business plan and stick to it through simple steps such as updating your business plan every time a transaction occurs. When in doubt, consult our experts latest tips for free over at the BoomTown Library.


15. You would give anything (except more money) for someone to connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be.

It’s exhausting doing everything and anything to reach an insurmountable goal. But take a second to reflect on what you need to breach the gap between setting goals and reaching them. More often than naught you aren’t capable of going it alone. Consider growing your team, whether it be one person or five. There is power in numbers.

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