3, 2, 1, ACTION! Tips + Tricks for Real Estate Video
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3, 2, 1, ACTION! Tips + Tricks for Real Estate Video

It's easy to feel inundated by technology and social media on a daily basis. From Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to Pinterest and Blogging, where do you start and what makes sense for your business?

Focus only on what you can handle rather than doing a little bit on each platform without making an impact. Video is a great way to increase your SEO and will be a time saver once you’ve created a few basic videos to have on hand.

While attending the Real Estate Tech South conference in Atlanta this April, Amy Smythe Harris, (@amyoutloud) provided some great tips on Video for Real Estate Agents. She recognizes the challenges that most Agents face (i.e. “not having enough time”) and gives us several ways to utilize video as a marketing tool to stay in touch with clients while in the field and on the go.

Why video?
Great for SEO (Google now owns YouTube, therefore loves video and ranks video higher on search results.)
People don’t always read your email but they may listen to your short video as if it’s a voice mail.
Easy to do.

Getting started.
1. Set up a Gmail account
2. Create a YouTube channel where you will upload your videos.

Types of video for Real Estate.
Listing video – Forget writing long paragraphs, you can do a Pan & Scan or Virtual Tour video to showcase the home. While speaking about the home’s features, be sure to show what you are talking about. Sell a lifestyle! This is a great example of an agent created video YouTube video promoting a listing.

Virtual Tour – Take 3 shots of each room:  1.) zoom in and out  2.) wide angle shot  3.) panoramic shot.

Biography videos – Stop talking about you. Shocking to say about a bio video, right? People are looking for homes and they want to know how YOU can help THEM. Be yourself and your personality will show without having to explain yourself.

Recruiting – Looking to build your team? This is a great way to show your company culture and life outside of work. Play music that reflects your team and what you do outside of the office such as team building events, barbecues, or happy hours.

FAQs – Create a short video addressing the topics you are constantly being asked about. You can be proactive by sending your brief videos to clients, which may answer future questions before they arise.

Community videos – Sell the area/town/city. Go to a park or community event and do a brief video on things happening around town. You should make yourself the Mayor of your area and be “in-the-know”. People want to see what it will be like to live in the area.

How to prep for taping.
Write a script – try TelePrompTer app on iPad
Practice but don't over practice. Remember to be yourself.
Length – Don’t overdo it. Keep is short and to the point.
Abide by code of ethics/MLS rules
Ladies – wear HD makeup & spray light hairspray on your face. This keeps your makeup on all day long.

Video/Photo Applications + Websites
Once you’ve recorded your video, use these FREE apps and websites to piece your video together. Many of these can be used on-the-go with your iPhone, iPad or Droid.

Animoto – Video editing application.
Tourwrist – Shoots panoramic pictures with your phone for a 360° view.
Pixeet360 – Creates panoramas and shoot with a fisheye lens on your iPhone.
Hdhat –iPhone attachments for creating videos (Lenses, lighting, cases, etc.)
Photos That Move Houses – Photography tips for the Real Estate industry. Learn how to take photos that sell houses!
Vdownloader  – Free download that lets you watch video without advertisements and captions on your phone, laptop, and tablet.  Vdownloader also converts your video’s format to transfer it to another mobile device.

Creative type?  Xtranormal videos allow you to create an animated movie!

More tools to consider:  iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker, and Pinnacle studio.

Not all of these things are needed but this grocery list will get you headed in the right direction. Your smartphone and iPad can start as the base and with attachments and phone applications; you can create quality video to help your business grow! Money saving tip: Check out eBay for purchasing equipment at a better price!

– iPad, iPhone, or Droid
– Camcorder
– Lighting
– Canon TSI or Nikon camera – (beware that Nikon may not have audio input)
– Green screen – Think newscaster style.  Use the screen to share market info + rental rates.
– Microphone – Brando mic, Sony wireless mic, dual input microphones.

Video Emailing Tools
Eyejot  – iPhone app.

Now that you have all of your equipment, let’s start using your videos to build your business!

Within seconds of getting a new lead, email a welcome video. This video should be saved on your phone and sent to the lead within 5 minutes of registration.

Update your community videos as seasons change and new events come up! People should consider you to be the expert on things happening around town and top of mind when referring someone to an agent. Happy Filming!

If you are a BoomTown user, be sure to reach out to your Success Manager for more tips on integrating video on your BoomTown website.

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