3 Simple Automations that Free Your Agents from Tedious Tasks
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3 Simple Automations that Free Your Agents from Tedious Tasks

There is one currency more valuable than money – time.

Agents today are busier than ever. Technologies like BoomTown help streamline day-to-day operations by automating tasks that can take up hours of valuable time.

Here are three automations that are worth the hype.


Smart-Drip Email Campaigns

How It Saves Time

Traditional drip campaigns were an invaluable advancement in automated marketing, and BoomTown’s Smart Drip took something good and made it brilliant. You save hours each week by automating your email communication with leads. While you’re saving time, Smart Drip sends better, more effective emails.

Why Agents Love It

Smart Drip emails are personalized by first name as well as time of day. So rather than a generic:

Dear {John},

Your lead will receive a personable message along the lines of:

Good morning John, hope you’re having a great Wednesday morning!”

Smart Drip emails are optimized to send at the best possible time. If a visitor normally frequents a site to search for homes in the evenings, Smart-Drip will schedule those emails minutes before that time.

If a Smart-Drip email is scheduled, but you happen to reach out to that lead ahead of time, the Smart-Drip will record that communication and temporarily disable the automatic emails – avoiding any awkward repeat communication. Talk about brilliant.

Additionally, Smart-Drip uses a proprietary algorithm to measure how your campaign is performing. It scores it for you, allowing agents to make tweaks and improvements for a better performing campaign.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Text & Email Templates

How It Saves Time

Why reinvent the wheel every time you chat with a lead? With the BoomTown mobile app, you have pre-set text templates ready to go so you don’t have to waste time typing them out. Additionally you have pre-set email templates on top of the Smart-Drip automation.

Every agent knows, “speed to lead” is critical.

Why Agents Love It

The templates are clear, concise, and friendly. You can tweak them to match your own personal brand or style, but most agents find that it’s the perfect balance of professional with a personal touch. Here are a few examples:

  • Buyer Option #1:
  • Hi (insert-name-here), it’s Megan with The Real Estate Group. I wanted to email you some listings. Any specific neighborhoods you want to browse?

  • Buyer Option #2:
  • Hi, this is Megan with The Real Estate Group. I’m setting up my showing calendar for the week, would you like to see any specific properties?

    “No” response: No worries! Do you have an idea as to when you would like to start visiting properties?

    Double “No” response: Whenever you’re ready, I would love to chat. In the meantime, here are a few neighborhood guides to nail down where you would be interested.

  • Buyer Option #3:
  • Hey (insert-name-here)! What is your availability over the next few days? If you have any time, I can set up an appointment to browse a few homes to get a better idea of what’s out there.

  • Confirm Showing Option:
  • This is to confirm your showing on (MM/DD). If you have any questions, call me at (###) ###-####!

“They don’t reinvent the wheel, they make it easy to do your job. Once a lead signs up, the system helps to alert you when the prospect is using the website. You can see everything a client is looking at, you can text them pre-done templates in text messages directly from your computer, and set up automatic emails, and so much more. You can have a client signed up for years before they are ready to buy, but once they start showing interest BoomTown notifies you.”

– Alex from Turner Real Estate Group

Lead Generation Plan

NOW Opportunity Wall

How It Saves Time

We’ve talked about features that save you time with hot leads, but that is only half the battle. Some agents spend countless hours digging for new leads, and vetting old leads to see if they’re ready to buy. The NOW Opportunity Wall is a virtual “hot sheet,” that presents to the agent in real time, a prioritized list of high-quality leads based on their behaviors on the site.

Why Agents Love It

Everything is in one place. Newly registered leads, leads that are returning to your site, leads that are currently online, or showing high interest in a particular property are all aggregated by priority. So you can say, “I’m going to spend 1 hour every afternoon on the NOW wall” and communicate with hot leads only, and allocate other time for nurturing cold/warm leads. BoomTown understands time is money, and the NOW Opportunity wall was built purely to save agents time and make sure no opportunity falls through the cracks.

The Opportunity Wall gives an agent to-do’s based on analytics and aids us in converting more leads to clients. It’s a cheat sheet for which leads you should be following up with and when, based on their site activity. e-Alerts are what drive leads back to our websites over and over again to ensure we are getting the back-end analytics to populate the Opportunity Wall and Hot Sheet. The Hot Sheet allows us to reverse prospect and easily find good property matches for our leads to keep us top of mind and show we are constantly working on their behalf (even when BoomTown is really doing that work for us).” – Erin McCormick, Director of Marketing

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