3 Steps To Convert (Even The Worst) Leads Over The Phone
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3 Steps To Convert (Even The Worst) Leads Over The Phone

Imagine you are in the market for a new vehicle. You’ve done your research and are ready to test drive a few cars to find one that fits your needs. You arrive at a dealership, but no one is available to answer your questions. You leave your information with the receptionist, who says their best sales person will call soon.

As you’re pulling into to the next dealership, a salesperson from the first dealership calls you. But you’ve already been greeted by a personable and educated salesperson, ready to answer all your questions. They make you feel equipped enough to make a decision, so you drive away in your dream car.

Real estate consumers are no different. They go online because they are looking for information and have tons of questions. The challenge is with how we are approaching the process. Converting leads over the phone is not as difficult as everyone makes it. Here are three easy tips to change your business forever.

1Call Immediately.

Yes, groundbreaking right? Everyone knows it, but few commit to the action. When you call them 30 minutes after their inquiry, they no longer have interest in speaking to you. They are busy taking the kids to soccer, cooking, shopping–anything except thinking about real estate. First impressions are everything. Do you want to be the car salesman calling the potential client after they have moved on? Or do you want to be the person who greets them when they walk onto the lot? Which one is a harder call?

A mentor once told me, “If you’re at a wedding when a lead comes in, and it’s not your daughter’s wedding, CALL THE LEAD.” Excuse yourself and make the call. Sound tough, but that’s to highlight how crucial timeliness is. If you’re with an important client, send a text saying that you are in an important meeting, but will call them soon. People love working with busy people. Busy means successful. Successful means you’re a master of your craft.

2Don’t be Ron Burgundy.

He will literally read anything from the teleprompter. Don’t be the uncertain person with no personality who numbly reads off scripts. When you call your best friend Ron, do you call and say, “Hello Ron?” Who else is going to answer Ron’s cell phone?

When your phone rings with a strange number, what’s your first thought? When the person on the other line asks, “Is this Marissa?,” how high is your guard? Start the call off right. Call them as if you already know them. “Hey Ron!” Your first impression to any consumer should always be the kind of friendly, upbeat, positive person they’d want to work with.

3Think of Them as Family. Solve Their Challenges.

If your cousin had a low credit score and was renting for one more year so he could buy next year, would you dismiss him as a home buyer? Or would you offer some suggestions for how he could increase his credit score? Would you set him up with a search on your website? Would you call him every three months to find out how he’s doing with the process? I find it interesting that we say things like “It’s not worth the time,” simply based on price point or timeframe. Everyone, even renters, are potential future buyers.

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There is a lot of noise in lead gen and working leads. Don’t let it distract you from the fundamentals that will drive your success. It’s a simple formula. Call immediately, start off on a positive note, and look to solve challenges with great questions. Help them remove the roadblocks, and they won’t want to work with anyone other than you. Implement these steps today to see better results tomorrow.

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