A Life Lesson Worth Sharing
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A Life Lesson Worth Sharing

Last week life threw a little challenge at me. Monday morning I fired up my truck to leave for work and noticed a river underneath my truck. A gas line had busted. As I conjured why this happened, I looked back through my “reflective goggles.” As a kid, my father always told me I was good at reflecting on a situation and I'm trying to do more of that in my “old age.” I think life taught me a lesson, the point of the lesson was to share it. 

My truck, is a giant. It weighs close to 6,000lbs. The part that malfunctioned is about as long as my fore-arm, and as skinny as a straw (for comparison sake). The main fuel supply for the entire truck runs through this tube. The hole, that was punctured and caused a massive leak, was no bigger than the thickness of a coin and was no wider than the width of a dime. This tiny hole, turned a 6,000lb tank into the largest paperweight I've ever acquired in my life.

This is where, the “lesson” I learned in life comes in to play –

Think of your company as the truck in this story. Large, resilient and has enough power to support hundreds of clients, loads of awesome features, and even versatile enough to have an amazing culture. To boot, it can tow all of employees over your competitors and take you to amazing places. However, one tiny “hole” in the main gas line, can stop you dead in your tracks. Armored, but fragile at the same time. It's so easy to think “things work” and take that for granted. I challenge you to make sure your company keeps moving and that you fix or prevent those tiny little holes from even happening. After all things break, but it's how fast you communicate and remedy the problem that's key. 

Consider your job and your daily routine, what can you do to prevent these little holes from happening? How can you make your team more efficient? How can you be more structured? What type of maintenance can you do to keep things moving along, and prevent bottle necks? Maybe regular meetings with your staff, team, or bosses might help keep an open dialogue? The idea is to plan ahead and put systems in place to prevent the little things along the way. Click here for more information on the BoomTown system and how we've helped our teams to be more efficient and impelement their own plans for success.

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