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Advice For Tech-Phobic Real Estate Agents

 With the majority of people starting their home search online, it is becoming increasingly more important to stay on top of technology. Consumers have more access to information, and could possibly show up to a house knowing more about the property than the agent does!

Don’t stress. While keeping up with technology is crucial to success, real estate agents need to understand that the value they provide the consumer is even more important. Technology is just a tool convey and deliver that value.

Focus On Your Value

How many times has a client told you their criteria for a home, but after showing them 10 houses like that, they settle on a house that’s completely different from what they first said they wanted?

Sometimes, what buyers think they want at the beginning is not what they actually want. More than fancy technology, what makes you shine is the ability to identify what client wants, rather than what they think they want.

How do you help your client to understand what they are truly looking for? First, learn you client’s “must-haves” vs. “nice-to-haves” before showing any homes. Then, leverage your expertise. Help them avoid the common mistakes of buyers in your market. Let them know if they should anticipate any changes in property value, or if a house is priced too high, etc.

 Focus On People

People don’t choose a real estate agent solely because of their technology. Yes, having an outdated website or not using a smartphone can certainly hurt your chances, but what they truly care about is your skill. Can you get them the best deal on their house? Can you provide insightful advice to help them make the best decision?

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 Focus on the fact that real estate is still a PEOPLE business, and these people have a choice as to WHO they work with. Technology is simply there to facilitate processes and keep you connected to your clients. Ultimately, technology is just a tool. It’s your expertise that provides value and drives numbers.

Focus on Your Goals

Spending all your money on every new technology product is not going to make you more money. Yes, you most likely will need to purchase and update your technology, but make sure you have a plan of attack when it comes to investing in technology.

Here are some key questions to ask when looking into new technology products:

  • What problem or issue does this technology address and solve?
  • Does this technology close any gaps in the real estate process?
  • What is the goal behind each technology product?
  • How will this piece of technology help you deliver your value and achieve your business goals?

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Any technology you use should serve a purpose, but should not be relied on as the foundation of a successful business. The expertise and guidance that you and your team provide are the foundation.

Whether you’re posting tips for home buying or selling on social media, or posting informational blog posts about different neighborhoods, use technology to showcase your value.

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