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A Life Lesson Worth Sharing

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Last week life threw a little challenge at me. Monday morning I fired up my truck to leave for work and noticed a river underneath my truck. A gas line had busted. As I conjured why this happened, I looked back through my “reflective goggles.” As a kid, my father always told me I was good at reflecting on a situation and I'm trying to do more of that in my “old age.” I think life taught me a lesson, the point of the lesson was to share it. 

My truck, is a giant. It weighs close to 6,000lbs. The part that malfunctioned is about as long as my fore-arm, and as skinny as a straw (for comparison sake). The main fuel supply for the entire truck runs through this tube. The hole, that was punctured and caused a massive leak, was no bigger than the thickness of a coin and was no wider than the width of a dime. This tiny hole, turned a 6,000lb tank into the largest paperweight I've ever acquired in my life.

This is where, the “lesson” I learned in life comes in to play –

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