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This Holiday Season, Think Outside The Gift Basket & Stay Top Of Mind With Your Clients

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The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re a procrastinator like me, that means that your gift-buying time is running out.  You will probably either scramble to think of creative gifts for your clients, or just end up sending the same thing you sent them last year.

This year, be different!  Think outside the box–or gift basket, if you will.
Subscription gifts are becoming more and more popular across all industries as it has the added benefit of keeping you top of mind for several months (or a year, depending on the length of the subscription).  This is great for your brand because your clients will think of you every month when the gift is delivered, and will be more likely to send referrals to you several months down the line.

Another bonus is that these subscription gift ideas are good for everyone–family, friends, clients–even pets!  Whether you send a subscription gift as a holiday present or a closing gift, it is an easy yet thoughtful way to stay top of mind for months thereafter.

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