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10 Tips to Use When Writing Content for Your Site

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Unless you've been living under a rock, everyone knows how important good content is for a solid approach to Inbound Marketing. It's easy to talk about good content but writing good content is a whole different story. You don't need to be the best writer to have successful content but you do need to be creative, original and provide value. <- Regurgitating an article without your unique opinion does not provide value to your readers and it doesn't do any favors for you as an authority on the topic.

On top of original content, laying a good foundation is key and sets up your content for success. Here are 10 quick tips (in no particular order) for writing your own content; these tips are easy and can make a big difference. 

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Basic YouTube Optimization Tips That Are Often Overlooked

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I love YouTube videos for all things real estate, especially featured listing videos that show details or property features that can't easily be communicated through a description or photos. But I cringe when I see a good video with a terrible description or worse, one that lacks direction on where to get more information, how to contact an agent or even a simple URL to the property. Failure to include basic information is potentially a missed opportunity.

Below is some simple advice on basic optimization for your YouTube videos. 

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Rankings Aren’t What They Used to Be

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Since the beginning, rankings and SEO have gone hand in hand. Back in the early 2000s, it made sense; you want to rank for “this keyword,” “that keyword,” etc… you write relevant content with relevant anchor text, get links and then use a variety of SEO ranking tools to track your position. Rankings were black and white back then but like just about everything related to the Internet, things have changed [for the good].

Two big events have taken place that have changed the landscape and how we use (and don't use) rankings:

1. Personalized Search  – If you and I search for the same exact query, chances are slim that our page one results will be the same. Read more on personalized search below.
2. The tools – Many companies with SEO tools have decided it's too risky to provide a ranking tool using unauthorized and scraped Google data. So even if we wanted the data, it's not as readily available as it used to be and it may be more outdated than we're comfortable with.

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