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Do You Know Who You’re Marketing To?

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Marketing and lead generation is the foundation for a successful real estate career. Without leads and prospects, there is no selling.

Times are changing, “keeping up with the Jones' ” is not enough anymore. How are you going to stay on top of your game and separate yourself from the competition? The answer is not necessarily working harder, but working smarter!

If you want to gain a competitive edge and build more trust in your brand, you need to learn more about your target market. You may think you know your audience, but how well?

Define Your Ideal Client

You have a certain type of person you work best with, who are they? What made your best clients the best?

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Crush Your Next Open House with Social Events

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Do you still do open houses? I’ve heard mixed reviews lately on their effectiveness, however if promoted the right way they are a great source for buyer leads along with establishing your brand in the neighborhood. It takes more than directional signs and a balloon in the yard to promote an open house.

Have you tried promoting your open houses through your social networks? I’ve got some great tips for you today.

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Google Places Now in Google+

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Google Places has been migrated to Google+. What does this mean for you and your business?

What is Google Places?

First, in case you’re not very familiar with what Google Places is, lets do a quick recap before moving forward. Google Places is a great resource for your business to get found locally. With a Google Places business listing you get a profile that includes a basic business summary, link to your website, pictures, videos and maps.  You’ve likely seen these listings and maps in the search engine results when doing local searches.

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The Secret to Social Media Success

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You can argue what is important to have success in social media. One aspect most can agree on is having lots of GOOD friends. I say good, because just like in real life, not all friends are equal.

No matter what social network you prefer, to be successful you’ll need a good network. With that being said, how do you go about getting these friends?

What do you have in common?

Each social network is somehow divided into categories. A great place to start is with the categories you are interested in. For example, if you’re on Twitter, begin following people who tweet about things you are interested in. It is much easier to forge friendship when you have something in common.

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84% of Real Estate Professionals Use Social Media [Infographic]

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84%! Pretty high number isn’t it. Social media will not make or break your real estate career, but it can certainly enhance it if used correctly. What do I mean by “used correctly?” Well, social media can either become a huge unproductive time suck or it can be another tool in your arsenal.

We can all agree that social media gets all the attention. Social media has a lot of potential for your business, it is also really easy to become distracted. You can also turn off prospective clients too.

People are using social media to see what friends are doing, network and for timely updates, not to hear your sales pitch. With this in mind, tailor your social media strategy around this. Be social, not salesy.

Quick ideas on how to use social media effectively – create a brand account, share recent blog posts and website articles, connect with expiring contracts, share listings, market updates, funny stories, local events and information, restaurant and business reviews, network and make new friends.

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