Boomer Highlight: Jared Smith and The Funniest Super Bowl XLIX Meme in History
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Boomer Highlight: Jared Smith and The Funniest Super Bowl XLIX Meme in History

It’s been called the funniest meme of the Super Bowl XLIX, and delivered via twitter, it was even suggested by Sport Illustrated Staff Writer, Ben Reiter, to be “Possibly the first wholly perfect tweet in the history of @twitter. Congratulations.” The meme brought the smile back onto a lot of folk’s faces by delivering some much-needed humor via a soul-crushing Nationwide commercial and a less-than-stellar Seahawks decision to pass on second down and goal, resulting in an interception. Let’s call it a silver lining.

BoomTown Jared Smith Super Bowl Meme

While those of us at BoomTown were just as delighted as the rest of the nation by the timely wit and cleverness, it came as little surprise to us given the source. That source is our very own Jared Smith, Development Manager of the Consumer Mission Team, BoomTown’s chief meteorologist and of course, resident viral meme-maker. Jared is part of our world-class development team and his days are dedicated to WordPress-specific infrastructure. He’s active in Charleston’s WordCamp conference, and is a catalyst in Charleston’s thriving tech scene. We’re proud to call him a Boomer!

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