BoomTown Celebrates National Run at Work Day With An Olympic 5K!
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BoomTown Celebrates National Run at Work Day With An Olympic 5K!

Although the Olympics ended back in August, they only just arrived at BoomTown in the form of our very first company 5K. As part of our growing wellness initiative and in conjunction with National Run at Work Day, on Sept. 21st everyone in the office was encouraged to stop work a little early, dress a little crazy and go for a run in nearby Hampton Park. The Olympic theme allowed each participant (runner, walker or volunteer) to dress up and represent a country of their choosing. We were lucky enough to have representatives from Canada, the United States, Cuba, France, Scotland, Germany, Norway, Turkey, and Djibouti.

Team Norway

William Wallace of Team Scotland

Team Turkey

Team Germany

Each team was asked to complete a short biography about its homeland to allow everyone to learn a little bit more about their heritage. Who knew the national animal of Scotland is a unicorn? During the opening ceremonies, each biography was read while the country’s national theme song played in the background, and that is not to say the country’s national anthem. Canada for example featured ““Baby” by Justin Bieber, which was of course a crowd pleaser. After the bio was read, individual team members were announced first by their BoomTown name and then by their native name. For example, our Director of Operations is known by Rebecca Guthrie at BoomTown, but when she’s playing dominos and drinking rum back home in Cuba she is known simply as Suarez.

To help tie it all together, we added one more caveat to the race. During the opening ceremonies, each participant received two playing cards as they were introduced. Then everybody was awarded another playing card at the one mile marker, two mile marker, and the finish line, so at the end of the race everyone had a poker hand! The ultimate prize for whomever put together the best poker hand with the cards they received would get to decide BoomTown’s monthly charitable donation for September. Our ultimate winner was one of our newest BoomTowners and SEO Content Writer Steven Trice! Steven’s four of a kind beat out the competition, and Steven decided upon The American Red Cross as his charity of choice.

After all countries had crossed the crepe paper finish line, the festivities moved back inside for the closing ceremonies. The “Best Costume” trophy went to Team Scotland which included Ashley Parker a.k.a. William Wallace and Erica Dean a.k.a. Sparkles the Unicorn. Team Turkey took home the trophy for “Most Spirited” with their official country motto of “Gobble like there’s no tomorrow!” The award for “Most Obscure Country” represented went to the pirates of Djibouti. Overall it was a fun way to get some exercise, spread some laughter, and have fun.

Team Djibouti

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