BoomTown CEO, Grier Allen, weighs in on lead conversion at Inman's Real Estate Connect
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BoomTown CEO, Grier Allen, weighs in on lead conversion at Inman’s Real Estate Connect

This past week BoomTown’s CEO, Grier Allen, joined a panel of real estate technology experts at’Real Estate Connect‘in NYC. The session,’Conversion Optimization, focused on proven strategies to turn online leads into real estate clients. The panel was featured on’Inman News‘last Friday.

The panel of speakers agreed that the key to converting visitors into leads is providing customers with an amazing online experience. This starts with the website design. When designing your real estate website, think about how consumers would like your site to function. How easy is it to search for a home and view a listing’s photos? Equally important is how easy is it to find the Realtor’s (your) contact information? Give some serious consideration to how your website visitors will approach the registration form on your website. At BoomTown we encourage showing some of your site’s value before asking for the visitor’s contact information and keep the form as brief as possible.

After a visitor has submitted a form, the key is to respond quickly. Grier stressed the importance of Brokers setting clear expectations for follow up. Brokers should be setting expectations for their teams with guidelines on how quickly Agents should call their new leads. *Studies show that the odds of reaching your leads are 100 times greater if you call within 5 minutes than if you wait 30 minutes to place the call. ‘Brokers should also be setting’the follow up process for if a lead is reached on that first phone call as well as if they are not. Grier recommended that Agents should not leave a message after their first call attempt and simply give up on the lead. Agents should be calling the leads upwards of 6 times to qualify them and using scripts developed for the qualifying process.

For more tips on offering an amazing customer experience and on converting online leads, check out the’full article‘on Inman News.


*Source: MIT Lead Response Management Survey

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