BoomTown Goes Bananas at the Charleston Digital Corridor's iFive:k Race
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BoomTown Goes Bananas at the Charleston Digital Corridor’s iFive:k Race

In the midst of the rapid growth and hard work that’s been going down at BoomTown recently, we’ve still made time to kick back, spread laughter, and have some crazy fun! And by kick back, I mean lace up our running shoes, throw on a banana suit, and race in a 5k! On April 18th, BoomTown went BaNaNaS and participated in the 7th annual Digital Corridor iFive:K run in downtown Charleston. True to BoomTown form, shenanigan’s ensued: gorillas on a boat; a neck-in-neck video competition; a rivalry greater than Ali and Frazier; and one coveted sneaker, propelling us to the finish line! Our friends at the Digital Corridor started the iFive:k , and it has become a highly anticipated event boasting 800 participants in 2013. The race benefits The Digital Corridor Scholarship Fund, which is just one of their initiatives to nurture and promote the tech community of Charleston – aka Silicon Harbor!

While we’d like to preface that this event is all in good fun, let’s not overlook the fact that BoomTown was in it to win it! The race itself is a great opportunity to promote our company health initiative and to mingle with some other awesome local companies, but we also hoped to hold our title as the winners of the PeopleMatter Spirit Award. The trophy, in the form of a bedazzled high top sneaker, came to reside in our office last year after an intense head-to-head dance off with our neighbors and rivals, Blue Acorn (see dancing squirrel in last year’s video). What better way to win this year than by disorienting the masses with a flood of 63 bananas running wildly in the streets? By adding two gorillas to the mix, of course!  (Gorilla>Squirrel). There were deafening cheers, multiple squirrels, a dance off (or two)…. But you’ll have to watch our video to see how it all played out!

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