BoomTown Introduces Newest Website Theme!
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BoomTown Introduces Newest Website Theme!

Your brand doesn’t fit the mold, and neither do we, which is why we built a library of themes to let you choose your design and make your site stand out. We’ve named each theme after our beloved office dogs-some of our most trusted advisers and sources of inspiration, and we’d like to introduce the latest one, named after Crash Davis, the loyal companion of our VP of Client Success.

BoomTown Dog

The Crash site is sure to induce traffic spikes like no other, and while each theme is responsive and mobile ready, the “crash to desktop” view is a particularly vivid experience. Pictures are the focal point of this theme, and the Crash site will have viewers frozen on the screen thinking this display is so stunning, the pictures so high quality, that it may very well cause a fatal system error.

Another highlight of the Crash site, what we have started referring to as the “Blue screen of boom,” is the registration page which encourages visitors to sign up for updates and additional perks on the site. Here is a screen shot:

BoomTown April Fools

Would you like to Crash your site? We didn’t think so. Happy April Fools day, and here are some of our real site themes for your viewing pleasure.

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