BoomTown Spotlight: Allison Tinney
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BoomTown Spotlight: Allison Tinney

1. What is your role at BoomTown?
I’m the Support Team Manager. I head up a team of seven Support Specialists that provide our clients with the information they need to be successful using the BoomTown platform.
2. Which is your favorite core value & why?
This probably seems cliche since I am on the Support Team, but my favorite Core Value is “Create Amazing Experiences.” This is my favorite because I really like helping people–both clients and other Boomers–whether it’s explaining a feature in the system or figuring out an issue that’s occurring. And for clients specifically, they are coming to us when they are frustrated about something, so being able to provide an answer or a solution to relieve that frustration is very rewarding!
3. Tell us 3 words to describe BoomTown
Rewarding, Collaborative, Inspiring
4. Do you prefer BoomTown orange or BoomTown blue?
Blue goes better with my eyes, although I’ll wear orange if necessary!
5. What Disney princess best personifies your work style?
Princesses don’t work.
6. What’s your preferred social media platform?
None, I like real life.
7. Would you rather live in Hogwarts, Narnia, Middle Earth, or Westeros?
8. Finish this sentence: “Then, from atop the ancient Pyramid, Patrick Swayze yelled down to Jackie Chan, ‘____________’.”
Pain don’t hurt
9. How do you order your hashbrowns at Waffle House?
Extra Crispy? I haven’t been to Waffle House in forever – is there a special way to order them?
10. Would you testify in open court that the chicken did indeed come before the egg?
I cannot confirm, nor deny, that the chicken came before the egg.


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