BoomTown Spotlight: Liz Luke
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BoomTown Spotlight: Liz Luke

1. What is your role at BoomTown?
I am the Work Environment Advocate which is part of the Talent family, but I get the joy of working with everyone at BoomTown. In this role I do my best to keep all of the Boomers happy with their environment through maintaining the facilities and space planning. I have been at BoomTown a little over 3 years.

 2. Which is your favorite core value & why?
“Spread laughter and have fun” because I love making people happy and who doesn’t love a good belly laugh…or having fun? Life is too short to be so serious.

 3. Tell us 3 words to describe BoomTown.
Magical, Intelligent, Lovable

4.What’s your stance when it comes to tofu?
Ehh if you can fry it up and toss it some General Tso’s sauce I’ll eat it. I’d rather eat all the meats though.

 5. What’s your favorite infomercial?
I hate infomercials. I stick to Apple TV to avoid all commercials.

 6. If you encounter somebody wearing a shirt that says, “No shirt, no shoes, no problems” is that a problem for you?
That would be a real quick swipe to the left. 

7. How do migratory birds know where to go each winter?
They learned from the “snow birds.”

 8. Would you agree that Hallmark stores are simply government fronts for missile silos?
Say what? I think Hallmark stores are places you go to find cards for holidays that don’t really exist.  For the record, I do like to celebrate made up holidays, especially National Margarita Day!

 9. Make up a word and define it.
FANTASTICAL , when magical just doesn’t cut it.

10. Would you rather be covered in scales like a fish or feathers like a bird?
Feathers. Peacock feathers to be exact.


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