BoomTown's Core Values - A collective of our Team's values to guide us in everything we do
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BoomTown’s Core Values – A collective of our Team’s values to guide us in everything we do

A few months back, we were challenged by our President and CEO, Grier Allen, ‘to read the book: ‘Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose‘ by Tony Hsieh. In his book, Hsieh discussed his path to becoming CEO for Zappos, and once there, how he fostered the company’s Culture. ‘He also stressed the importance of having strong Core Values as the base of everything a Company does. From the very first interview that a potential Team Member has with the company, reaching through to treating one another as extended ‘family, Core Values are what guide and make up who Zappos is as a company. Hsieh believes that Core Values are based upon your Team Member’s personal values and in turn those personal values influence the Company’s Culture.

Not too long after Grier’s challenge, the entire BoomTown Team got involved in helping to create our Core Values. At BoomTown, we used the ‘Mountains and Valleys‘ process to determine our personal values and among those personal values, BoomTown’s Core Values were created!

We look forward to infusing our Core Values throughout everything we do at BoomTown, from how we tackle new projects to how we interact with clients and each other. We also hope that these values inspire your team to create your own Core Values!

Introducing, our BoomTown Core Values:

Create amazing experiences.

We believe in creating a first-class experience for everyone. Everything matters. We take pride in our constant innovation and create raving fans through our passion for service.

Do the right thing.

We believe in putting people first and doing things the right way, even if it’s not the easy route. We hold ourselves personally accountable for our work and understand that people depend on us for doing a quality job.

Communicate openly and honestly.

We believe that pro-active communication and trust are the cornerstones of a successful team. It’s this coordination of knowledge and effort that leads to results that simply can’t be achieved by one person alone.

Spread some laughter and have fun.

We believe that laughter is contagious, and try to inject a little humor and fun into everything we do. Happiness gives us clarity and the ability to perform at our best.

Go for it.

We believe that everyone has a unique perspective and something to contribute. Good things come when people are empowered to make things better.

Seek and share knowledge

We believe that striving to continuously educate ourselves is accompanied by a responsibility to spread the knowledge gained. Sharing the wisdom we have acquired helps generate new ideas, provide different perspectives, and inspire action within our community of coworkers and our community of customers.

Do more with less.

We believe in keeping things simple and embracing constraints. Limitations can lead us to creative solutions and keep us nimble by forcing us to focus on what really matters.

Stay humble.

We believe that in the long run, treating everyone with kindness and respect is what truly separates us. No amount of success will make us forget where we came from.

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