Choosing A Domain Name: Building A Brand To Drive More Traffic
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Choosing A Domain Name: Building A Brand To Drive More Traffic

I’m new to BoomTown.  How should I choose my domain name?

Forget about keywords.  Focus on branding.

What?!  I know what you’re thinking.  Aren’t keywords the driving force behind SEO?  How would I rank high on Google search without keywords?!

A lot has changed in the last few years.  Previously, you could achieve a high rank just for having a keyword-heavy domain name such as “,” or even keyword-heavy names with modifiers, like “” 

This meant that people could purchase a keyword-rich domain and not do anything else, but still show up high in search results.  Google made smarter changes to keep people from exploiting search without any legitimate marketing effort.  Businesses now have to earn their way to the top.

What does this mean for me?

Branding has become the most important aspect to consider when choosing a domain name.  Your online brand is how people will perceive and remember you, and it is what drives your SEO efforts.

Our Inbound Marketing Manager Zack Hanebrink suggests some questions to ask yourself when developing your branding strategy.  What is your team name?  What is your marketing branding effort?  How do you want to establish yourself?  After considering that, you should create a consistent domain name that is:

Easy to remember:  You can’t successfully build your brand if people can’t even remember your name.  Most well-known online brands are short (only 1-2 words). 

Hyphen-free:  Think about it.  If your domain is, trying to verbally tell someone your website name will be one beast of a nightmare.  They can also detract from credibility and act as a spam indicator.

Unique: If your business name is Name Realty, then your domain name should be, not  People are less likely to remember a generic sounding name, and that kind of website name does nothing for your branding efforts.

Unmistakable: What if is not available?  Although there is a division when it comes to this issue, many would not encourage purchasing the domain.  Most people will assume and type in the .com address, and if you are at, your customers will be sent to an unrelated website.  Or worse, they will be sent to a to a competitor who has purchased the website domain.  Here are some stats that support that .com is king.

Another way to avoid lost traffic is to secure all versions (.com, .net. .org) of your domain.  If you do already own a .net domain, don’t freak out.  Just be sure that when you’re promoting your business, always brand yourself as “” instead of just “Name Realty.”

How do I build my brand after setting up the domain?

Promoting your website takes a lot more work than it used to.  Google is favoring brands that provide valuable content to their target audience, brands that have an excellent inbound marketing strategy.  This means committing yourself to consistently writing good content about your neighborhood that only a local expert (such as yourself) would know.  And I mean you have to really commit to it for the long haul, because you may go a long time without seeing immediate results.  It’s definitely a delayed gratification sort of thing. 

If this kind of long-term, time-consuming commitment is not something you can balance on your already-full plate right now, don’t you worry.  BoomTown’s inbound marketing team can collaborate with you to handle all the strategizing and content creation, so that you can focus on those leads coming your way.  Unlike other marketing agencies who offer only general inbound services, BoomTown’s team has real estate expertise to provide inbound services specific to your needs.  Learn more about inbound marketing, or contact us!

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