How The E4Realty Group Streamlined their Real Estate Business and Increased Revenue by over 150%
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How The E4Realty Group Streamlined their Real Estate Business and Increased Revenue by over 150%

Eric Pearson E4Realty Group

Isn’t it nice we know this story already has a happy ending? We also know that if a company has strong execution and a great system, there’s a pretty good chance that at some point its growth curve will suddenly take the shape of a hockey stick. Eric Pearson of The E4Realty Group found himself in just this spot.

After leaving his accounting job, and its long hours and capped income in 2011, Eric set his sights on the income potential in real estate. He made the switch (after selling his car just to get enough capital) and got to work. Steadily increasing his production over the year, it was clear he had a good thing going, but there were some growing pains he had to solve, and he was all too aware there was no way The E4Realty Group’s current systems were going to scale to handle the company’s rapid growth or help sustain it.

Eric was using an Excel spreadsheet as his leads management system, which led to a great deal of time spent organizing data and trying to understand the effectiveness of each lead source. He was manually sending email blasts to his leads, and without any analytics or a guided follow-up process, it wasn’t easy to tell why some prospects were turning into customers and others were not. His steady growth enabled him to grow from 2 to 22 agents in just one year, but individual agents each had their own processes and workarounds that were making it difficult to measure results.

Eric needed a solution that would help him track, automate, and strategize to grow his business and hold his team accountable. He decided it was time to invest in a comprehensive lead generation and management system that would help him do just that. He also wanted to partner with a company that aligned with his goal to better his clients’ experience and help him scale his thoughtful and personal approach. Read the full story to see how he did it.

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