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Gain the Seller Lead Advantage with RPR [And Take Our Seller Expert Quiz!]

Realtors Property Resource, or RPR, was created by the National Association of REALTORS as a data solution for agents on the go. With this tool you can successfully leverage data and go after those leads you never thought you could reach.

BoomTown’s recent webinar, Mastering the Transition from Seller Lead to Listing, went in-depth on how to maximize this tool for you business. You can watch the full webinar below: 

Watch the RPR + BoomTown Webinar Here! 

Now, What Exactly is RPR?

RPR allows you to leverage data. How you say? Through reverse-address lookups, data storage, and instantly compiled reports, RPR takes the work out of several time consuming processes and provides the information you need to go after a seller lead.

Even better? RPR’s mobile app goes where you do. Making lead generation, information gathering, and reporting easy both in your office or on-the-go.


Who Can Use RPR?

First and foremost, you need to be a NAR member to access RPR. If you are a member, then you can easily use this tool. If you are a BoomTown user and a member of NAR, all you need to do is access the RPR button in our CRM!


When we say you may not know your strongest advantage is waiting for you, we mean it literally. If you are a member of the NAR and not using this tool, you have yet to unlock some serious game changing data.


RPR Strategy: Address Only Seller Leads

Our first scenario occurs when a lead visits your site, uses the home valuation tool, and only leaves an address without any other relevant information.

These leads are oftentimes ignored, but as Michael Elias Sr. details in the RPR webinar listed above, these are far from useless leads.

Instead of ignoring them, follow this RPR Action Plan Instead:

  1. Input the address provided into RPR and try to find possible matches.
  2. Go to the tax record and find the actual owner of the property.
  3. Head on over to your social media outlets, and explore if you have any connections with these owners. Elias makes sure to check Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  4. Find out what you can via social media and see if there is any realistic way you can connect with them in a cover letter.
  5. Prepare a cover letter you can send along with a mini version of the RPR Seller Report, any details about active properties around their house, and a brochure or more information about your business. [This is a seller lead package similar to what LocoMusings sends. But you can cater your package to whatever fits the personality of your business!]
  6. Cover Letter: This is your way in. Do not waste time talking about yourself, but rather include information about their home, weave in any subtle connections you may have, and mention their home value may differ than the value they were provided online if there were any improvements done on the house. Check out our example Cover Letter below to get started!
  7. Last Step! Send the whole package certified mail so they have to sign for it. This makes the entire thing more personal and adds value.

Now keep in mind, these address-only leads need to be approached as a case by case basis. Elias mentions they only take the leads who are worth the time, but he tries not to spend more than 15 minutes looking into and researching those leads so it isn’t too much of an investment.

This process is all about, “creating a coincidence,” according to Elias. 

Explore Your Seller Strategy Options. 

RPR Strategy: Seller Leads with Full Information

In the spirit of creating a coincidence, approaching seller leads who provide more information than their address are a much more direct contact.  

  1. Reach out with a phone call. Elias mentioned these calls go to voicemail most times, but that’s OK because we have a full plan of action! 
  2. Send a BombBomb customized video email within ten minutes of the registration. These videos can be short and sweet, but make sure to thank them for stopping by your site, introduce yourself, mention you will be sending a more extensive property report in the mail, and tell them to reach out if they have any questions. 
  3. BombBomb allows you to track whether or not your leads open emails, how long they watch the video, etc. Use this to your advantage to understand what information your lead has received up to this point.
  4. After you send the email with a BombBomb video, then you create a packet of information, much like the address-only leads.
  5. Send this packet through Direct Mail as well.
  6. Follow-up after two days (or after the expected delivery date) with another email and video asking if they received their package, if they have any questions, etc.

This experience is more immediate and personalized due to the nature of the information you’ve been provided. If you have never used BombBomb before and are a BoomTown user, this is another one of our integrations available!

Learn More about Using BombBomb in Your Efforts! 

Direct Mail Seller Leads Cover Letter Example

Whether you are working with address-only leads, or full information leads, these cover letters need to be as personalized as possible without sounding too forward.

You don’t want to include any information that would make these leads feel like you’ve been looking into them too much. Instead, give off the general vibe that you want to listen to where they are in the process.

And always remember, provide value and create trust first. The example below is more catered towards an address-only add situation where RPR was used to track down the current owners.

Hi Mr. Miller,

I noticed you registered on our site the other day for a home valuation report and I wanted to follow-up with you. Included in this packet is a more extensive property valuation, a little information about our company, and a few houses currently listed in your area.

Whether you were just curious about your home value, looking to sell when it’s convenient, or need to sell your home soon, we can always come by and help you create a helpful plan for the future. I know the area well since my children have gone to school closeby for several years now. We have worked with several homeowners in the area who were able to boost their property value by a significant amount upon selling.

Since home valuation reports do not take into account any improvements or renovations you have done to the house since it was purchased, we can always create a more accurate report for you if you’d like.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I can easily stop by and provide you will a more accurate, improvements included, home valuation whenever is convenient.


Charlotte Butler

Find Out Where Your Seller Strategy Stands

RPR is valuable because it allows anyone in the NAR to access important information in half the time for potential seller leads. But what are you doing other than this to give yourself the advantage? Take our seller expert quiz to find out where you land on the seller strategy spectrum!

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