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A Honest Opinion on the Future of Real Estate and Brokerages, from Rob Hahn

In this episode of Driven, we take a ride with Rob Hahn, who discusses the future of real estate brokerages and what disruptions the industry faces.


In real estate, the company that’s taken over the throne is Redfin, not Zillow. There are a lot of reasons why, but the most important one is this: They are a technology company that happens to make money from commissions. My biggest insight is that Redfin is not a brokerage, at least the way we understand brokerages today. They’re not in the business of recruiting and retaining agents, like normal brokerages are. Their people are employees. That’s what will set them apart.

Rob Hahn, a.k.a Nortorious R.O.B., is not shy to share his opinions. He spends months, if not years, researching and gathering data on movements in the real estate industry. His insights and predictions often come true, and everyone’s familiar with his stark contrasts of how we view today’s world. For this episode, buckle in. You’ll hear thoughts that disagree with you. You’ll hear statistics that show you things are on the move. Together, it’s a packed episode of “Ah-ha’s” and “Oh yeah’s!?” Rob Hahn dives into industry disruptors and the future of real estate brokerages. Plug in your headphones and hear the latest on Redfin, Zillow, 100% brokerages, agent teams, and why relationships are key.

In this episode of Driven, skip to these memorable moments:

  • Traditional brokerages are being replaced by 100% shops (2 min)
  • The barrier of technology has changed and made it easy for agents … again (7 min)
  • Modern-day brokerages are not in the business of real estate. They’re in the business of recruiting & retention. (9 min)
  • Redfin, the next force and kingkiller in real estate (12 min)
  • The distraction of Zillow and it’s impact on competitors seizing markets (19 min)
  • What does the consumer really care about? (22 min)
  • What REAL disruption is and why real estate is a bizarre industry (28 min)

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