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How Lyons Realty Is Beating Everyone At The Real Estate Game

There are countless real estate agents and teams. But how many actually succeed in a time when technology changes by the second? Chris Lyons built and now supports a team prepared to evolve through the ups and downs of real estate.

He did this through first understanding that a real estate team is organized around one purpose: To never stop looking for the best way to create amazing client experiences.

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Building Blocks of an Unbreakable Real Estate Business

Lyons began his real estate business almost a decade ago and admits they didn’t have a website when they started out. Something of which many in the business can still relate. The changes in real estate have been swift and don’t know any sign of slowing down.

But Lyons Realty continues to rise above change and evolve time and time again.

The secrets at the core of their resilience?

They don’t fight change. Lyons Realty embraces it.

They treat technology as a solution for out-of-the-park customer service.

And they build teams of people they can trust in and out of the office.

Below, we’ll dive into the five focal points Chris Lyons makes sure to stress in his adaptable real estate business. For more information on building your business, explore these real estate success stories.

1Establish Trust Oriented Real Estate Teams

Sounds simple right? Choosing people you trust. But it takes dedication along with trial and error to find the right people for your team.

Chris Lyons built his team by choosing people who were motivated and had similar mindsets when it came to their livelihoods. He jokes that he uses the “vacation test.” If you could imagine yourself going on vacation with this person and having a great time, then you could probably work with them on a daily basis.

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With two locations in Amarillo and Lubbock, Chris denotes every member of the brokerage, a member of the team. He makes sure to remember that his team members are the most important element in his business, and without them, this reality isn’t possible.

2Work With Adaptable Team Models

Now team models vary depending on size, personality and leader. But just because you decide on one does not mean you can’t try several on for size over time. Team models are meant to adapt to where you are with your business, along with lead distribution methods.

Create the Agent Process Perfect for Your Team


Lyons Realty combined models and works with the hybrid ISA model. For every lead who registers, that lead is automatically assigned to an agent. However, the hybrid aspect comes into play when the customer care team still calls the leads within the first five minutes.

In other words, the customer care team is still qualifying the leads right off the bat, but the agent takes over when the lead is placed in an appropriate category.

The Lyons team relies on the customer care team to do the initial qualify process. If leads do not answer right away, the “cc team” will spend the following six weeks attempting to make contact.

No Contact After Six Weeks: The lead is moved into nurture or watch.

Contact Before Six Weeks: Place in the appropriate category and agent takes it from there.


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3Create Your Main Hub with a Real Estate CRM

What the Lyons Realty team has mastered though is understanding that technology is a catalyst for connectivity and customer service.

Where many teams look to technology for support, the Lyons team keeps it at the core of their business.

“We found a system that really works and the best experience for the shoppers. And we wouldn’t go back.”

Depending on one system closes the loop between many broken ends in the real estate process. This creates a seamless click to close process for the consumer and user.

No matter the system, it is extremely important for the longevity of your business to replicate your systems during expansion. When the Lyons team decided to expand to Lubbock, Texas, they made sure to do so.

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4Encourage Real Estate Team Accountability

You have the team. You’re on board with the technology. Now how do you promote accountability for best practices?

Lyons admits, “The agents are all super busy. The thing with BoomTown, it’s just not the new leads coming in, it’s the clients they already have that are in love with the system. And so it just grows and grows.”

And with this growth comes a need for accountability.

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Lyons Realty doesn’t rely only on BoomTown accountability tools to stay on track. They also incorporate consistent training.

“Every team meeting we do what’s called a BoomTown Ten. It’s a little training that our customer care manager does, and it’s great. The agents love it, some of them use it more than others, but it’s turned into a vital part of our business.”

5Last Step? Close the Loop on Customer Service

Close the loop. Real estate agents focus so much time on generating leads, much less time on following-up with leads who don’t want to act right away, and even less time asking why certain things worked or did not work.

After attending the BoomTown Unite for several years, the Lyons team has picked up a lot of advice along the way.

Last year’s event hit home the importance of reviewing their customer’s experiences after closing. RealSatisfied was the tool they picked up and have been using it ever since.

Are you a BoomTown Client? Don’t forget to sign-up for this year’s Unite Conference! 

Reaching out to clients after their transaction is complete further hit home the importance of a technology that perfectly bridges the gap between agent and consumer.

Technology has the ability to create better customer experiences which lead to closings. The Lyons team simply uses their technology. And this continues to lead to their fantastic success.

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