Bring Back 50% of Your Real Estate Website Traffic
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How to Bring Back 50% of Your Real Estate Website Traffic

The Problem: Real estate website traffic arrives for a first-time visit, but drops off the face of the Earth afterwards, leaving no trace and a disappointed look on your face.

Why Does This Happen? We now live in a society filled with an increasing number of consumers who are wary committing to new products and services. And who could blame them? Online consumers, like you, are inundated with ads, offers and promotions every time we use the internet.

But there is a proven way to get around this. And with home ownership at the lowest it has been in 30 years, you shouldn’t wait one more second before implementing our solution.

Solution: In order to bring back 50 percent of your real estate website traffic, you must give your users the answers they want, when they want it, where they want it.

So, stop trying to convince yourself these options work:

  • No! Only Market to Clients on the Streams You Like.
  • No! Quantity Over Quality.
  • No! Slow load times, generic websites, try to appeal to everyone.
  • No! Haven’t heard from them? Forget ‘em!
  • No! Set it and forget it, everything with work out if it’s supposed to.

And get on board with the tried and true strategies for winning repeat website traffic:  

  • Yes! Meet Your Audience Where They’re At.
  • Yes! Direct Follow-Up and Quality Content.
  • Yes! Provide a Seamless User Experience.
  • Yes! Stay Top of Mind.
  • Yes! Track and Measure Everything.

1. Meet Your Audience Where They’re At

Who your audience is most likely an ever evolving population. Newer generations bring different ways to communicate, follow-up, and sell, while older generations may be searching and finding services through different routes.

But what may not change is the purpose and direction of your audience.

For example, Path & Post realty in Atlanta has a very specific audience which includes a range of ages and people, but still have several traits in common. They did extensive work to narrow down their audience persona and are now reaping the benefits.

Need to define your audience? Listen to how Path & Post did it on the BoomTown Closers Podcast:

Tune in to this episode of the Closers Podcast: Here

One situation most real estate businesses are adapting to now is the incoming of younger generations and their communication preferences.

Millennials and beyond are leaning towards less email, less commitment, lower response time and more of what they want. But with little to no direct communication, how can you tell what they want?

Find out where they are interacting, communicating, and finding their information online.

When you do this, you’ll be meeting your audience where they’re at. And to give a few helpful hints, here are a few go-to places where your potential real estate website traffic may be hiding:

On their phones, texting. If you do not use texting in your real estate follow-up, then you need to find a system which enables it, and go for the literal gold. You can find some handy text responses here to put to use right away.

Planning their dream home on Houzz. With over 35 million unique monthly users, this site is THE place to be when you own, rent, plan to own, plan to upgrade, or are dreaming of owning a home. You too, need to be here.

Houzz is free and easy to setup and another excellent way to show off all of the beautiful pictures from your favorite listings. Create your own Houzz account with our Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Using Houzz.

Communicate Via Slack. Heard of Slack? If not, find out how real estate businesses are loving and using the friendly new messaging tool here.

With over 3 million daily active users it is safe to say there are A LOT of users on Slack. But Slack isn’t only for team messaging. You can also use the single channel guest invite element to work with potential real estate clients.

Read specifically how to use this tool on the Slack how-to page here. Good to know: Slack support is extremely approachable and helpful.

If you have the lead’s email or contact information, make sure they know you are available for Slack chats as well. This adds an additional layer of access for those already using this tool at work. Boom!

Airbnb + Realtor. Consumers nowadays want to try before they buy. And any way you can create a new showing experience for this audience and advertise it on your website is a good for business.

Creating amazing experiences such as staying in the homes and working with partners like Airbnb are excellent opportunities to speak to a new generation of buyers.

Instagram. With the addition of Instagram Stories, this platform has a fresh new approach for business. Follow your popular local users, business owners, and past clients in order to reach a fresh new audience with your best property and lifestyle photos.

The direct messaging and comments capabilities allow you to both quickly communicate with users and direct potential website traffic to the actual listing page on your website for the respective photos.

Email. This is becoming tricky. Everyone is inundated with daily emails. And after you answer emails for work, friends, and family, consumers are becoming increasingly wary of the promotions, offers, and potential spam.

So don’t be any of those options above. Treat email for exactly what email should be: efficient, to the point, and fun (it is possible!). In the next section we will delve deeper into the art of email follow-up.

Direct Follow-Up and Quality Content

Consider for a second how many other emails your potential return real estate website traffic is receiving. Chances are, that number is higher than you think.

Now you have an advantage on your side that a home is a highly emotional purchase, not to mention a once in a lifetime occurrence for most people. They want to connect with you on some level, trust your opinion, and enjoy experience. Your content should reflect this and their time.

First, review your current emails and think to yourself if you would:  

  1. Open
  2. Read
  3. Respond

If you don’t have follow-up emails already set-up for online leads, then visit our guide to get started. We have templates for several occasions and situations for when online leads register on your site for the first time.

Don’t know how to start your online lead follow-up emails? Well, we’ve started it for you:

Work Our Online Lead Follow-Up Templates Into Your Campaigns

These templates include concise follow-up email campaigns catered to specific sections of your audience. Speaking the audience as a whole would be akin to speaking to a toddler, teenager, and adult the same way.

These potential leads are not the same people and are not in the same place in life. Consider this, and then bolster your follow-up campaigns with quality content.

Your blog, area guides, social content, video, and more has to be direct and provide value. DO NOT try to fill your website to the brim with low quality content in order to get traffic. It will not work.

Don’t Know What to Write About?
Get Started With This Quick Video:


We have seen the most success with clients who created personalized content for their main pages, neighborhood guides, blog, etc.

The video linked to above is one of many in the BoomTown Library that is ready and waiting to give you advice on how and what to write about on your site.

The bottom line with any content you create or hire out for your site is that it needs to answer the exact questions your website traffic is asking. Avoid the fluff and commit to the real stuff.

Provide a Seamless User Experience

With return website traffic you have already introduced your website. And one of the best ways to secure a second visit is to decrease the main issues that discourage and cut first time visits short:

  • Website isn’t loading fast enough.
  • Content is generic and feels sterile.
  • The listings take forever to load.
  • Subpar listing photos.
  • Making it difficult to get information.

To tackle several of these issues, you may need to consider re-doing or updating your website. Consider packaging your personal website and CRM together like we do here at BoomTown. This provides a seamless experience for you and your clients.

And remember, 47 percent of website traffic expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds. To add to it, 40 percent of website traffic will leave the site if the entire process takes over 3 seconds (Kissmetrics).

This is where your technology partner comes into the picture. They need to have these stats in mind at all times so you don’t have to worry about the specifics of load times, user experience, and seamless client to agent information transfers.

What you need to remember is the content component. If you are given a website that logistically works like a dream. Fill this website with content that makes working with you look like a dream.

Keep it local.

Keep it high quality.

Keep it quick and to the point.

And keep it ready for mobile. Because:

“Fifty-five percent of email is now opened on a mobile device,” according to a study done by Litmus.

Stay Top of Mind

Your one-time real estate website traffic is either not ready to commit, or looking for a better option. The goal for you is to be the best option the first time around. Then the second time around your high quality content, photos and user experience will win their contact information and business.

What is left to review is the appearances outside of your website. This includes social platforms, advertising, and remarketing. Below are two easy ways to remain top of mind to your website traffic right away:

Free Option: Join your local area or neighborhood Facebook groups. When there are questions about the community about anything from HOA information to area history, you can be there providing the answer. This does take time, but it keeps you top of mind for the areas you want to directly target.

Paid Option: Consider adding remarketing to your paid advertising regimen. People are ten times as likely to click a remarketing ad than a regular display ad. And the cherry on top is that these ads are only shown to people who have already clicked on your ads.

Do you have a team handling your advertising? As Google Partners, we have years of expert advice, campaign experience, and data ready to help your business. 

Find out more here.

 With ads, come Call-to-Actions. And with CTAs, come Landing Pages. If you have valuable content ready to go, use it here! This is your opportunity to create the most direct landing page and CTA copy in order for your ads to work the way they are supposed to.

A handy way to find out exactly what questions you need to answer for clients is to ask previous clients! This is oftentimes the most valuable market research you can find. And after you close on any transaction, make sure to track all of your progress!

Track and Measure All Website Traffic

Finding the return on your investment, whether it is money, time, manpower, is impossible unless you are tracking everything. And this is where a CRM with built-in accountability comes in.

Your social and email campaigns, time spent monitoring social platforms, the hours dedicated to writing good content or follow through with first time visitors and more are actions that contribute to your tracking.

The most common objection to tracking and measuring your progress is “not enough time.”

And the answer to this is you also don’t have time to waste on non-productive measures.

If you would be interested to learn more about how you can track when and where your real estate website traffic converts, don’t hesitate to contact our team or visit the BoomTown Library. Existing clients only need to call the client success team or support for handy tips to staying on track of your analytics.

For now, work on implementing the above practices into your business routines. You will see the return website traffic rise with each effort as users see you more as a local and less as just another real estate website.

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