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How to Cultivate the Right Habits with Your Team

Some days, it can feel like we’re scrambling to keep up. In fact, most days might seem like that. Leads are constantly coming in. Questions pop up at random times. And there are always showings to attend. So, how do we break the mold and cultivate habits that will feed the bottom line while keeping our sanity?

In this blog post, I want to discuss actions you can take and behaviors you can form (for both you and your team) to weed out bad habits and create better ones. The goal in mind? Success.

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1Get Dedicated to the Mission

It’s easy to get comfortable with the status quo. It’s easy to say, “We’re in a good place here.” But like any coach would tell you: Good ain’t great. “The devil I know is better than the devil I don’t” isn’t the right approach here. Instead, take a hard look at the habits your team exhibits and ask if these are helping the bottom line or hurting it.

The agent that roles in at 10 am and distracts other agents until lunch without doing any actual work — are they contributing positively to the team? As you examine their behavior, also be cognizant of where they learned it. Was it from a leader or was it from another source? Now, is it something you can change?

Recognize the habit, and decide if it’s something you can live with or not. If you can’t, or it’s hurting the bottom line, either the habit has to go or the agent does. Think about the agent that hits the phones religiously at the same time every day. Did they dream of calling expireds and FSBO’s 2 hours a day when they started in real estate? Probably not, but a forced action became a good habit.

It will be hard in the beginning to change your team’s bad habits and create new ones, but it is simply a matter of choosing to be dedicated to the new process.


2Clarify the Vision

Success shouldn’t feel like a mystery. Tell your team what you expect, and what success looks like from your perspective. Give them a measuring stick and make sure the markers are crystal clear. I would recommend starting with two to four clear expectations and building from there. Don’t add more until your team has it down! Do regular pulse checks with the team throughout the week and provide mid-week feedback so they can get back on track, if needed.

Other tactics you can try:

  • Have your expectations plastered around the office
  • Talk about them frequently
  • Be clear about why these are valued highly within your organization

These expectations will turn into a daily action for your agents which will then create a positive habit.


3Be Consistent in the Execution

Accountability can be a scary word, but in a team environment it’s simply a method to ensure all team members are contributing to the overall health of the organization.

We’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but there is nothing scientific about that number. Recent research has shown that on average it takes 66 days for someone to develop a new habit, while for others it took as long as 254 days.

The bottom line is that consistency is key. When you set new standards for actions, be prepared to work towards your objectives for a long time – this is a marathon, not a sprint. Early on, be prepared to talk about your goals and standards often and look for ways to incentivize them. Reward and recognize team members that are contributing to the team’s goals and looks for ways to help those that are struggling become successful.

It won’t happen overnight, but with dedication to the mission, clarity in the vision, and consistency in the execution you will see your team turn excellence into a habit.

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