How to Leverage Low Winter Inventory to Promote Your Stale Listings
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How to Leverage Low Winter Inventory to Promote Your Stale Listings

Feeling the business lull of the winter season? Often in real estate things slow down around the holidays and we tend to focus our efforts on business planning and goal-setting. However, with low winter inventory there is actually a big gap of opportunity that you should be taking advantage of!


Most sellers are under the impression that spring is the best time to list their home. Traditionally, May and June are the hottest months for new homes hitting the market. However, this leaves the opportunity to list in the winter and take advantage of our continued low inventory levels.


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At BoomTown, we recently introduced Marketing Central, a self-serve advertising portal. This offers users the ability to build advertising campaigns through channels such as Instagram and Facebook to highlight active listings, promote open houses, and showcase successfully sold properties. Additionally, they are able to create dynamic ads for real estate to generate content that leads are interested in and prove value to seller clients by showing how many prospects have viewed a listing. Building the ads is incredibly simple and only takes a couple of clicks and a few seconds.


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Here’s how you can leverage low inventory data + Marketing Central to generate more leads and get your inventory sold!


1. Boost a listing that’s getting stale.

It is hard to believe, but 30+ days on the market is around when things are getting stale these days. The email/text notifications have run their course and shoppers are looking for new deals. This is the best time to give your listing a boost using Marketing Central. Take advantage of the low inventory and use this time to get your stale listings in front of buyers rather than in the spring when they’re flooded with more options. In Marketing Central, create a fresh ad for your listing in 60 seconds, and promote it over 3-5 days. Simple as that!


2. Let them know that homes are selling!

If you’ve closed a listing in the last 30 days (and have sold data available in your MLS), now is a great time to do a “Just Sold!” promo in Marketing Central. Adjust the description to let people know “Homes are selling now!” Include a question or call-to-action to start a conversation in the comments, such as; “Questions about home sales in your neighborhood this winter? Comment your questions below!” This is your chance to be the educator that your clients need. Share valuable insights (like the Keeping Current Matters chart above!), to show them that inventory is low and it’s a great time to take advantage of a seller’s market. We recommend running these ads for a few extra days, (7-14) to encourage more comments and engagement.



Digital advertising on Facebook can feel like another language. With seasonal trends and the ever-changing algorithm, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are experts that can handle the tough stuff for you. Marketing Central allows you to control the stuff you want – and let us handle the rest.

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