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How to Spam Proof Your Real Estate Emails

In order to be a provider, it helps to be a consumer. When you are drafting real estate emails it doesn’t hurt to first consider the emails you open every day.

And if you look at your own emails before they go out the door and on the way to an Inbox, consider if they would be in your “daily reads.” Oftentimes though, the spam folder will catch them first if you aren’t careful.

Overcoming Epic Email Obstacles

According to the IDC Research Report, “Email is the most popular smartphone activity among users 18-44.” Whether it is under the covers in the morning before you’re ready to get out of bed, or waiting in line to grab your coffee, email is everywhere.

Phone numbers remain the golden ticket, but email addresses? They have the ability to unlock an Inbox, which these days can prove much more valuable than a Voicemail if executed correctly.

Don’t Know Where to Start? Read: Writing Emails that Motivate Real Estate Leads

Jump back to the beginning of this article where you were asked to consider the emails you open on a daily basis. What subject lines strike you as enticing? And which emails tend to provide content you click on? There is no sense in reinventing the wheel here. Take inspiration from all the email and communication around you.

How to Avoid the Spam Club

The spam folder is filled with emails written with good intentions, bad intentions and everywhere in between. But remember, your emails are meant to provide value to your leads. And if you are doing this, the other aspects of building a spam-proof email are left to logistics.

Avoiding the Spam Folder (In 2 Minutes)


The Pre-Send Checklist

You need to commit to this pre-send checklist with the same dedication flight attendants apply in their pre-flight rundown. Before every email run down this list and you will run much less risk of sending your emails straight to the spam folder.

Do not send an email unless you have checked these 6 steps: 

  1. Are you sending this email from a business address? Emails sent from personal addresses such as @yahoo or @gmail are flagged as spam more often than business addresses.
  2. Have you removed every outdated contact from your list?
  3. Do the links within your email lead to quality websites? Pro Tip: Don’t use shortened links within your emails. These have a tendency to stick out as a spam warning sign.
  4. Is your subject line tacky? Be honest with yourself here.
  5. Do not copy and paste your email straight into the email text box. If you must, first copy and paste the email into Text Edit or Notepad, and then copy and paste it again over to your email marketing program. This is due to formatting that takes an invisible piggy-back with your email from one program to the next. Text Edit helps to strip that formatting, helping you to send without worry.
  6. Always send text in your email. It may be tempting to forward an event poster or image-only email to your list, but this also has potential to flag the email as spam.

 Writing Email Content Worthy of A High Open Rate

The first step in averting your emails from the evil eyes of spam detectors is providing valuable content. Valuable content is much easier to market, label, and confidently send into the battle for attention.

[ Writing Inspiration: 7 Emails You Need to Send to Your Leads ]

Take a look at the article linked to above. It is stock full of example emails you can use to inspire and create successful real estate email campaigns. And once you have valuable information for your leads, you can begin to label your emails and tackle the subject lines.

The “Say-No-To-Spam” Strategy

Once you have created a set of emails and subject lines that work with your audience(s), then you can set them into motion and save hours of time through automation. There are several email marketing services available such as MailChimp where you can immediately set your plan into action. These processes make it possible for every lead to receive your “spam proof” emails.

BoomTown’s predictive CRM, for example, will quickly help you realize what emails are working and or not. To help in the process, the client sharing library has a collection of email drip campaigns rated by popularity and use.  Fellow Boomers find content, subject lines, and strategies to build upon and make their own.

Whether it is BoomTown or another service, finding a community in which to bounce ideas back and forth with is key. Without consulting other email readers and measuring your open rates you will never know how many emails fly straight into spam folders.

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