How Top Agents Use Video Emails to Convert Real Estate Leads
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How Top Agents Use Video Emails to Convert Real Estate Leads

Video is hot. And for good reason. It’s an easy way to put a face to your brand, humanize your marketing message and really connect with your prospects. Adding video to your emails can seriously boost your results too. According to BombBomb, the industry’s leading video platform, of the people working in real estate who leverage video in their marketing:

81% get more replies
68% convert more leads
56% report more referrals

In the BoomTown CRM, BombBomb’s video email technology is seamlessly integrated so users can create video campaigns, add videos to drip plans, and use the tool to build trust, convert leads, and get referrals by getting “face-to-face” more often.

So what are some winning video strategies? Here’s how some of our clients are seeing success with video marketing.

Vary Your Video Content

Kyle Whissel, of Whissel Realty in San Diego, California, is no rookie when it comes to real estate video marketing. He was even BombBomb’s 2017 #1 Video Influencer. Kyle likes to work with a variety of content, covering everything from market reports, educational content, and thorough listing videos, to local dining and powerful community videos. This makes for some serious impact and reach.

Here’s a snapshot of Kyle’s video prowess:

• 500+ YouTube videos
• 225K+ YouTube views
• 500+ Facebook videos
• 100+ BombBomb videos

Brand your real estate videos for consistency and engagement

Kyle has a high-energy style, and appears in nearly every video. Some of his most popular videos are from his “Community Series.” He has branded a video series that is tailored to his community, highlighting places, events and happenings that people want to know about.

It’s also a prospecting gold mine. And, with its own hashtag, it’s easy for prospects and potential buyers and sellers to follow along and join in on the conversation.

Kyle also has a live show/podcast every Wednesday (#WhisselWednesdays) that are educational in their approach. For example, he offered a tour of smart home technology and walked viewers through the latest bells and whistles in the “connected home.” These helpful, general interest pieces are wonderful for building up an audience (read: database) and keeping them engaged with helpful and interesting content.

Liven up data and market updates with personal real estate video emails

His video marketing emails through BombBomb are usually simple, quick shots of him updating prospects on the housing market, sharing his own personal insights, and leveraging valuable information to connect with buyers, sellers, and past clients in a more personal way. (He’s recorded and sent over 100 video emails through BombBomb!).

Make real estate video emails a team effort

Ann Rudd, of the Ann Rudd Group in Charlotte, NC gets her whole team in on the fun. Even when team members balk at putting themselves on screen or they scrutinize their appearance, or the way they sound, and let insecurities distract them.

Ann’s advice? Just go for it. You need to do it. Ann’s words? “Just screw it and do it.” And it works.

Her team regularly incorporates video messages into their email campaigns. It’s a fresher way to present information and really drums up rapport between agents and prospects with the face-to-face experience.

Here are some of their tips to get the best results:

  • Don’t Shoot Vertically – We live in a widescreen world — from laptops to social media sites — so turn your smartphone on its side and start filming.
  • Leverage Good Lighting — The wrong light can cast shadows on your face. If the lighting in your office isn’t great, try facing a window and use the sun to gather some natural light.
  • Speak with Energy — People naturally respond more when the person talking is enthusiastic. The emotion is contagious, in a sense.
  • Minimize the “Ums” — Whenever we pause and think about something we say, “Um….” or “Uh…” or even “You know…” Eliminating this filler text as much as possible will make your video go smoother (and not cause disruption in the viewer’s mind).
  • Film for a Headshot — Viewers don’t need to see all of you. But you also shouldn’t get too close to the camera.  Angle the shot to show a little bit of your upper torso and your face.

Create quick, tailored real estate video emails for prospects

They also easily spin up one-off video messages tailored to specific people. When it’s so simple to create, it almost becomes simpler than drafting and proofing a lengthy message. Not to mention it’s a more personal experience that they can still digest on their own time. A win-win for the consumer experience.

Ann had an online lead come in this week in her typical price range. They began a text conversation, and set a phone appointment for later on. “I ended the conversation by asking them what type of information they’d like me to gather. Once I had the info, I sent them a BombBomb video through BoomTown that answered all their questions.”

Track your real estate video engagement

When these videos are integrated with your CRM, there’s no guesswork when it comes to tracking follow up and engagement. Ann saw that her prospect viewed her video 35 times. (We think this story will probably end happily.) The team monitors video performance and plans their marketing accordingly.

Just starting a video marketing strategy?

  • Try different topics and content forms and track their performance religiously
  • See what types of videos are resonating with prospects (and do more of that!) and keep an eye out for things that may not be working well with your team or your particular market
  • Once you find a sweet spot, leverage branding and consistency (a hashtag, a dedicated day/time, appearance in a newsletter, etc.) to build your following

Integrate your real estate video emails with your CRM

The right technology and marketing tools couples with the top CRM means you can leverage things like the power of video in your email marketing campaigns, drip plans, and bulk emails. You can also record a new video directly from the CRM that can be used in any way you choose (drop it in an email, text from the mobile app, share on social media, etc.). And most importantly, the data is housed in one system, served up in clear reports, so you can make better decisions based on real insights.

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