Keep Your Brand Booming in 2013
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Keep Your Brand Booming in 2013

Have you been a little busy lately? If you’re a Realtor and not too busy showing homes and scrambling for listings, you may have noticed that we’re seeing some pretty positive improvements in the market. Improvements that have allowed everyone in the industry to get excited about things to come and the potential of (dare I say it?) a sellers market on the not-so-far horizon. Inventory is down, buyers are more prevalent. What more could you ask for?

While it is an exciting and promising time for the real estate industry, I do want to take a moment to make sure that while you are busy building your brand on the ground with great customer service, be sure that you’re not neglecting your brand-building online.

No matter what your brand awareness online is currently, there are a few things that everyone can keep in mind as you begin to expand your reach and build your brand in 2013:

1. Get your mind right.

Again, maybe you’ve been busy selling homes, but you may have noticed that when you search for something you’re getting different results than your neighbor. That is because Google personalizes search. That means that ranking? Not what it used to be. Don’t get bogged down in the details of keywords and first page rankings. Instead, be yourself, do your thing, tell the world about it, and the rest comes naturally.

2. Audit your habits…and those of your vendors.

As you have had less time to focus on your own marketing, you may have had the opportunity to outsource to self-described “experts” that can help you build your brand online. Trust is a wonderful thing, but you should always know what your vendors are doing for you. Get a clear and concise view of what services they are providing you. If your vendors are not transparent, make sure that they are not doing you more harm than good. For example, if you as a Realtor have an inbound link from a knitting needle manufacturing company in Bangladesh, Google probably is not going to see that as a relevant linking opportunity. All links are not good links.

3. Who are YOU?

With the advent of social media and search engine algorithm changes, it has never been easier to show your potential, current and past customers exactly who you are and get great return for it. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing. Tell your story. Leverage who you are – because you? Are awesome. And your customers and search engines will think so too.

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