Leverage You in Your Marketing
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Leverage You in Your Marketing

Real estate professionals have a long list of expertise. One that often gets forgotten about in the world of shiny new things is being a sales professional. As sales professionals, the ability to educate yourself about your clients and their needs is crucial. The more you know, the better your marketing and customer service will be.

So how well do you know your clients?

Current Clients

Learning from current and past clients is great insight into your target market. Think about everyone you have worked with. I know you have likely worked with a diverse group, but are there any patterns you can see? Who did you work best with? What types of clients were your favorite and why?

This is a goldmine for market research. Mine this for some solid marketing nuggets!

Your Specialties

At a loss of exactly who your ideal clients are? Look within! You know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, pull from that. Playing on your strengths and what you like will help both you and your business, as well as put you in a better position to meet your clients needs. Highlight this in your marketing.

Target Market

Reflecting on current and past clients will give you a head-start in identifying your target market. I know that you don’t necessarily want to limit who you work with, but from a marketing perspective, it behoves you to operate like this. Being all things to all people can often limit your success.

Getting to know your target market is invaluable. Once you know more about who they are, you can identify what they want and how to best deliver it to them.

Your Brand

Use this information to give your brand an edge. You’re not the only real estate professional in town, why would someone work with you?

Why, because you ARE different and have unique qualities that your competition does not. Match this with what you know they want and need! Let this new found USP (unique selling proposition) shine through your marketing.

Start the new year off right by identifying who you want to target and uncover their needs with your research. Have your marketing address their needs. Show them how you can uniquely deliver what they want and why. This is how you leverage you in your marketing.

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