How to Manage Multiple Offices with One Real Estate CRM
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How to Manage Multiple Offices with One Real Estate CRM

Here’s the scenario: You opened a new office. You did all the necessary work to get it up and running. You even discussed with others the potential revenue it’s going to generate. But six months later, you realize you’re spending the majority of your attention on the primary location and haven’t dedicated as much time to your other office.

What you’re facing is the out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome. As you look back at your other office, you realize: Training for your real estate agents hasn’t been maintained. Accountability has dropped by the wayside. And now, you face the trouble of managing two offices — which eats up your time.

As you span into different MLS markets, natural instinct is to purchase a new website + CRM for those areas. But I’m going to make an argument of why only ONE real estate CRM is needed — and why it’s better.

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1. Uniformity and Consistency

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If you’re entering new MLS territories, you’re most likely trying to build a brand (or at least a reputation). Ensuring consistency with your real estate services becomes top priority, but becomes five times as difficult when all the critical components to your business are separated by technology. Using one system — one real estate CRM — allows you to optimize operations, examine accountability metrics, gather ROI reporting, and empower your branch managers to make insightful decisions.


2. Recruiting and Retention

Here’s what happens when you choose a real estate CRM that actually works for agents: They become extremely productive and happy. No duh, right? But here’s the other benefit: That CRM also becomes your best recruiting tool for top-producing agents.

Real estate agents are looking for a team (and/or broker) to provide them support.

Giving them a system to help find the right leads to call, nurture, and follow up with is prime real estate (yes, pun intended). Their success translates into your success — and word-of-mouth will certainly spread that around.

Lastly, having one, key system makes their job easy. They don’t have to learn multiple tools, and can easily work from the field (i.e. their mobile devices). With a system to back them up, they have one less reason to leave and join a different brokerage.


3. Tethering the ‘Mobile Office’

An agent’s smartphone is their office. They’re out in the field, showing houses, running to appointments, etc. They don’t spend as much time at the computer anymore. Thus, they have less time to use multiple tools and real estate CRMs. Having a system they can access on-the-go is critical to serving the agents’ needs.


4. Office-Level Performance Metrics

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You have multiple offices — potentially in different MLS markets. Without a central database or real estate CRM, measuring the performance of each office and the agents within each office becomes a Herculean task.

Empower yourself and your branch managers. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be reported in the CRM and regularly monitored. This also helps set the right mindset for agents. If they know they have to meet [x] number of deals or log [x] number of calls, they will be more inclined to do so — cause they know that’s how you’re holding them accountable.


5. Enhancing Brand & Accelerating Culture

A uniform technology allows each agent, branch manager, office admin, ISA, etc … to work on the same platform. The result? You spend less time dealing with disparate systems and more time on coaching your agents. You have more time to help them achieve their goals. You can spend more moments on the core values of your business and focus on your agents’ happiness.

From there, it trickles down. Agents who have a clear process, who are productive and happy, have more time to focus on their own clients. The services they provide to homebuyers and sellers is multiplied in quality and quantity. And it’s due to the fact that they only have to learn one system. So, let’s end this argument with a core value: Do More with Less.

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