Maximize Your "On The Go" Time with New Mobile Apps
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Maximize Your “On The Go” Time with New Mobile Apps

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on the best mobile apps for real estate agents. Since new gadgets are a theme this time of year, I thought I’d share a few more. These apps are designed to help you maximize your time while you’re on the go, so the next time you find yourself in between appointments, put down the Angry Birds and pick up a few of these instead.


Evernote Business – By now you’ve most likely heard of Evernote, a free app that lets you capture notes, screenshots, web pages, photos, voice memos and the like and share those notes between all of your devices. Evernote Business takes note keeping to the next level allowing you to share your notes with your coworkers, becoming a powerful tool for staying in touch with your showing assistants.


AwayFind – If you’re like me, then it’s hard to break away from your email and just enjoy life. AwayFind helps you escape from your email, only letting by the 2-3% of emails that are critical to you that day. Choose from a range of options like important contacts, important topics or people you’re scheduled to meet. AwayFind will send a voice alert, SMS, IM or even Twitter DM to alert you when those important messages arrive.

Wunderlist – The life of a real estate agent is fast and furious. How do you keep up? If you don’t already use a to-do list app, give Wunderlist a try. Syncing across all devices, adding, checking off and staying on top of to-do tasks is easier than ever. You can even invite coworkers to tasks making Wunderlist a great app for anyone managing a team.

Cardmunch – Cardmunch is a free app that turns business cards into contacts. Just take a photo and watch the card convert into a contact on your phone. With Cardmunch you never have to worry about misplacing a business card again!

Haiku Deck – A picture is worth a thousand words or in this case, a million dollar listing. John James, a broker from Steamboat Springs, used Haiku Deck, an iPad presentation app to land a $1.4 million dollar listing. With Haiku Deck you can create visually powerful presentations. Take a look at John’s comparative market analysis presentation over on the Haiku Deck blog.

Docusign – Docusign isn’t necessarily a new tool, but is such a powerful one that it deserves mentioning. From residential and commercial real estate to property management, Docusign allows your contacts to electronically sign documents, even on the go through their mobile app.

LogMeIn – Have you ever had to rush back to the office for a document? There are a lot of great cloud hosting services out there like dropbox, and Google Drive, but sometimes you still need your computer. In those cases, LogMeIn is there to help. LogMeIn offers a free iPad/ iPhone App that allows remote access to your desktop where you can open files, check your email, run programs and stay productive.

LightTrac – As a real estate agent you know how important great photos are to listings. Did you know there is an app that helps you determine optimal sun time for outdoor photos? LightTrac finds the angle and elevation of the sun for any location. It will even help you capture that perfect sunset or sunrise.

Zite – No time to sift through real estate blogs? No problem! Zite is a free app that acts as a customized digital magazine. Just pick a few categories of your choosing and related articles will arrive at your fingertips!

Voxer – If you have agents in the field, then consider using Voxer. Voxer is an all in one messaging app that turns phones into walkie talkies. You can even send a memo to a group of agents saving you not only plan minutes but actual minutes!

I’ve shared over 20 apps with you in hopes that some of them will help boost your productivity while on the go. Before jumping into ALL of these apps, take a minute to analyze your business needs. Consider which apps will help your productivity vs. those that will distract, and don’t forget to do your spring cleaning! If you haven’t used an app in over a month, most likely you won’t miss it. There’s no harm in removing apps from your phone to try a few new ones on for size. Everyone has different opinions of apps, so after a little time, you’ll know which apps are your “can’t live withouts” and which are just a flash in the pan.

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