#1 Way to Beat Out Online Real Estate Competition
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#1 Way to Beat Out Online Real Estate Competition

A couple is driving through their dream neighborhood looking at “For Sale” signs. They search for a cute house’s address online and browse available property details. Next, they enter an email address when they need to do so in order to gather more information. And then comes the “enter email” prompt. Quickly, they enter their email in order to view the full details and images.

This is when your clock starts to tick…


Respond to Online Leads Within the Hour

You have one hour. Respond within the hour and your chances of connecting with a lead and having a valuable conversation increase by 7 times. 7 times!

According to a study done by the Harvard Business Review on U.S. Firms and how they react to online leads, only 37 percent of companies responded to online leads within the first hour.


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Simply by responding within the first hour, you are able to beat out almost two-thirds of your competition.

Channel your inner Jack Bauer from 24 and start cracking down on your response time.

Now, the question is, what do you say?


How to Convert Online Leads

Half the battle is making the call as soon as you can. Now, you need to choose your words wisely in order to turn this online lead into an online success.

You need to maximize on the information you have about your lead, even if that means you only have a phone number or name.


DO: “Hi Tom, I noticed you registered on my site just now. Would you like to hear about a few homes in your price range and favorite neighborhood? I have a few in mind.”


DO NOT: “Hey, I wanted to call and see if you were interested in buying a home.”


First impressions mean the world to anyone, let alone online leads. No one is dying to pick up a strange number and meet a salesperson on the other end of the line. So don’t be the salesperson.

People are not interested in you or your fantastic customer service on that first call. Learn to deliver value where value is needed in this first contact.


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Meet Online Leads at the Pass

In other words, skip “Go” and meet online leads at their next logical step: browsing online reviews.

If you’ve managed to reach out to your online leads and have a valuable conversation, then fantastic! But your leads are going to look for affirmation of your conversations and confirmation of the value you provide. And you need to be ready for them.

Reviews are important for online leads whether you have made contact or not. These reviews assure online users that yes, they are making the right decision to pursue your business.

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