Overcoming Fear & Leveraging Technology with Tom Ferry
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Overcoming Fear & Leveraging Technology with Tom Ferry


I think it helps to understand we all have fear. We fear rejection. We have fear on the phone. We all want people to like us. We all want to be successful. But at the end of the day, it’s the ability to accept being punched in the face that causes the most prolific people to be successful.

Tom Ferry is known to be open and honest. Failure is not a subject he avoids. And certainly, he has strong opinions on leading a successful real estate career. Technology and training come at the heart of it, which he discusses with BoomTown’s Rivers Pearce.

In this episode of Driven, you can expect to hear Tom Ferry’s thoughts on:

  • Overcoming fears and failures in real estate
  • Leveraging technology to empower (and fuel) success
  • Why training is just as important as the technology

With that said, here’s a closing remark to give you thought:

There are people who are watching this episode that are not selling the number of properties they know they can do. And I would ask them to consider this: “What are you doing to brainwash yourself?” Because it’s all philosophy and belief — i.e. your processor. Then you figure out the how, and then the action becomes easy. (23 min mark)

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