Pinspiration: Boosting Your Real Estate Brand With Pinterest
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Pinspiration: Boosting Your Real Estate Brand With Pinterest

It’s safe to say that the Pinterest craze is here to stay. With 70 million registered users (80% of which are women) and content becoming increasingly more visual, Pinterest has the potential to place your brand in front of a new audience and drive traffic to your site. But simply creating Pinterest boards won’t cut it. Your brand is unique, so your Pinterest strategy should be unique! Here are some tips on how to make your brand stand out on Pinterest:

Promote Your Listings
As a real estate professional you’re always promoting listings. Whether you’re promoting listings online through a blog or Facebook, or in person at open houses and showings, one thing remains consistent: your listings are visual. Pinterest is a social media site built on visual images, so it’s time to jump on the Pinterest train and showcase your listings. You can do this several different ways.

Crockett Team Real Estate Pinterest Board

The Crockett Team uses individual boards for each of their listings to highlight every room in the home. These boards spotlight unique features of the property and include images of both the exterior and interior. Taking this approach optimizes the chance of someone clicking through to your site. Instead of one pin that leads to a particular listing on your site, you have multiple pins that link to this listing.
If you aren’t interested in having individual boards for each listing, create one board with a catchy title and pin your listings onto this board. This allows anyone interested in your brand to look at all of your listings in one place.

Highlight Your Team
Your team is your brand, so what better way to promote your brand than by highlighting your team. Peak Properties Group created a “Meet the Team” board showcasing each agent and linking back to individual agent pages on their website. Better yet, Peak Properties Group promotes their brand through highlighting each of their core values on individual boards. One of my favorites includes their “Take the high road” board highlighting local Denver roads and quotes about doing the right thing.

Pinterest Real Estate Team Board Peak Properties Group

Think outside the box when highlighting your team on Pinterest. What makes your team stand out? How can you put a personal touch on your boards and pins? What are things that people will want to interact with? How can you link back to your site within some of these boards?

Showcase Your City or Neighborhoods
Not every Pinterest user is at a place in their life where they are looking to sell or buy a home. Instead, many users are interested in exploring their city or traveling to another destination. Boards that show off your city and/or the neighborhoods in your market can create a great level of interaction and help brand you as a local resource. Highlight anything unique to the area including local businesses, popular hang outs, dog parks and activities.

Check out Peak Properties Group’s neighborhood-specific boards for a great example on how to showcase your city and neighborhoods.

Provide Seasonal Boards
Create boards for different seasons and holidays to encourage interaction and provide festive pins for your followers. Avoid creating all these boards at once, and simply create them as a particular holiday season approaches. For example, with Halloween just around the corner, create a board for the season and include pins with local Halloween events, décor ideas, recipes, etc. You can even create boards for special events such as the Superbowl and the Olympics.
Check out The Crockett Group’s seasonal Pinterest boards to get inspired.

Give Tips and Advice
Here’s another chance to show off your real estate knowledge. Create boards for moving, buying, selling, investing, renting etc. This presents a great opportunity for your Pinterest account to become a resource for real estate tips and advice, and it also gives you an opportunity to pin your own blog posts to drive traffic to your site.

Show Off Your Style
Show off your unique style with boards that showcase things you like. The Keith Beatty Team does this well with their boards for interior design in different areas of the home. Their “Front Porch Welcome” board is a great example of sharing their real estate style with a unique board featuring porches.  It’s best to keep these boards relevant to real estate and your location in order to showcase your brand most effectively.

Include Descriptions and Categories
Most Pinterest users forget to create a description for their board and to apply an appropriate category, but these are important steps! The description of a board provides the viewer with a better idea of what the board is all about (this is displayed directly underneath the title of the board). This is important for branding because it allows your business to insert its voice and provide information. For example, most people looking at Peak Properties Groups core value boards wouldn’t necessarily realize that these were the company’s values without the description.  Always add a description to each board to provide clarity and continuously define your voice. This can be done simply by editing your board and filling out the description area.

Some users only look at specific categories when browsing Pinterest, so it’s important to assign categories to your boards.  This helps maximize the potential of your pin getting in front of an audience interested in homes, décor, travel, etc.

Pinterest for Real Estate Descriptions and Categories

Pinterest can be a powerful asset to your brand. It can generate consumer conversation and lead traffic to your website. Who knows, maybe it can even bring you some great leads, like it did for this guy. Take these tips and check out the businesses mentioned throughout this article to begin your journey of creating the perfect Pinterest strategy for your Real Estate business.

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