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Platinum Data and Cognitive Technology in the Real Estate Industry [Podcast]

“Those agents who adopt and understand the issues we’re talking about here are going to disintermediate the agents that do not.” 

After almost two decades exploring every facet of the real estate industry, Jeff Corbett is the expert to go to when you want to know where things are going, and how to not get left behind.

Formerly BoomTown’s Director of Industry Relations, Jeff is the one to consult when it comes to investing in the right technology. His expertise is coming at a time when the technology choices you make today could change the future of your business.

  • Breakdown of [project] Upstream and how it will change the real estate industry.
  • Implications of your technology decisions today and how they effect the value of you as a real estate professional tomorrow.
  • The actual potential of real estate chat bots to replace agents.
  • What to expect right now and in the foreseeable future with real estate data, ownership, and how this data is exchanged.
  • How, where, and when are you providing value in your company.
  • The bottom line of what you need to do as a business owner to survive in real estate.

*This episode was recorded when Jeff Corbett was at BoomTown. He is now exploring cooler temps and another vertical of the real estate industry in Chicago with Moderne Ventures.

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